Thursday, August 28

2 more dishcloths,

Well, I've finished 2 more dishcloths, the Sunflower from my Garden Dishcloths book, and then Grandmother's Favorite that Theresa turned me on to. I'm going to get back to the Garden tomorrow, cast on the Cherries. I've also joined a Knit Along group on Ravelry, the group does a new dishcloth each week, and I'm going to join them starting Monday. I think it will help expand my skills knitting wise, and keep me interested.

Without further ado, here are the dishcloths:

Tuesday, August 26

My First Dishcloth Tuesday

Well, I've joined another CAL over on the ville, this one should help me get those Knitted Dishcloths done. It's called Dishcloth Tuesday, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Each Tuesday a group of us are going to complete a dishcloth. This week I didn't do a knitted one, I found a great pattern for a Pineapple Dishcloth and simply had to try it out. Well here it is, my dishcloth Tuesday debut:

I wanted to show the detail a little more, so I hung it from the window latch near the computer. It's made from cotton I bought from the Peaches n' Creme web-site, the color is Painted Dessert. I LOVE this color, bought it in thread too.

Saturday, August 23


Man, I'm so super excited!!! Here is my finished Double Wedding Ring Lapghan to be auctioned off for Friedrich's Ataxia Awareness, this will be sent off to Jimbo for the Auction to be held in October.

I worked with a great team of ladies that were all working for a common goal, all items made by the team were going toward the auction, and they all did a BANG UP JOB!!! Check out this Thread on Crochetville and see what all was accomplished. I'm am so proud to have worked with this group!

Now i'm fired up to put real effort into the remaining items on my list for this quarter. I'm sooooo far behind, But I'm confident that I can really finish MOST of the items for the Having Fun and Getting It Done, CAL for this quarter. My next projects are Dawn's blanket, and Grandpa Pease's blanket. Also getting some 8" squares for the August Charity for the blitz, the games have really taken all my time, but I should be able to get a few done before the end of the month. Wish me Luck.

Friday, August 15


Well, as I said before I'm part of the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece! I'm making great progress and am ahead of schedule and well on my way to getting the GOLD!! My double wedding ring lapghan has been a real challenge, something new and fun, and I'm so excited about it. Here it is as it looks right now! 59.16% completed!!

Go TEAM FARA! Some great projects are getting done, some are already completed!! And Jimbo is likely to be thrilled with all the goodies headed his way for the auction in October!

Friday, August 8

The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Have Begun

Well over on I am participating in the 2008 C-Gags (as my husband calls them). They have begun today, and I am about 1/2 done with my goal for today. I am making a lapghan sized Double Wedding Ring Crocheted Quilt. In colors purple, sage, black and soft white. I am very excited that these have finally started, and even more excited that my air conditioner is working properly, so crocheting is enjoyable here in the middle of August. YAY!

Cheer me and the other athletes on as we try to reach some lofty goals over the next 16 days! Well wishes always appreciated. I'll post pics as soon as there is something worth taking a picture of!