Wednesday, August 6

You know you are from Binghamton when....

My friend tiffany posted this on her myspace blog, and I just had to copy it and put it here!

You know you are from Binghamton when.....

1.You know better than to spell it with a "p."
2. Bulls (used to be) on restaurant roofs.
3. You can get anywhere in 15 minutes or less (including the airport).
4.You think of its proximity to New York City as one of the best things about living in Binghamton.
5. You think of its proximity to New York City as one of the worst things about living in Binghamton.
6.Cubed, marinated spiedie meat is for sale in every local supermarket at outrageous prices.
7.You've always wondered what it means to be "The Parlor City."
8.You work, or everyone you know works, or knows someone, or is related to someone who works, or worked, at IBM.
9.You are related to someone who used to work at "EJ."
10.You got excited when you saw an EJ Shoes store outside of the area.
11.You know someone who lives in an "EJ House".
12.You have always known what "E-J" stands for.
13. You remember when the Binghamton Senators were the BC Icemen were the Binghamton Rangers were the Binghamton Whalers were the Broome Dusters.
14.Your idea of the ultimate date is dinner at Number 5.
15.You know the tune to "See you at the Giant"
16.You think that people who don't know how to drive in the Johnson City traffic circle are either wimps or idiots.
17.You remember the old traffic circle
18.You have a button certifying that you have ridden all six local carousels.
19.You've used a piece of trash for a free ride on a carousel.
20.You can't bring yourself to pay to ride a carousel when you see one somewhere out of town.
21.You know how "African Road", in vestal got its name.
22.You think eating spiedies and watching hot-air balloons launch is the highlight of the summer.
22.People from 15 miles away think you live in a big city.
23.You have a strong opinion in the great Lupo's vs. Salamida's speidie debate.
24.You know that BCC can also be referred to as the Hornet's Nest, Harvard by the Highway, Front Street U Yale by the Jail, or simply 13th Grade.
25.You've logged time at Aladdin's Castle and can't beleive it's no longer there!
26.You worked at one of the 3,247 Giant Markets in the area.
27.You've skated the moonlight at "Skate Eeeeeestate (skate estate, skate estate, skate estate), Skate Eeeestate!"
28.You've been on the waterslide in town (Slide Estate?)
29.You've bowled at Midway or Riverhouse.
30. Harry L seems like a normal name for a highway, and C. Fred seems like a normal name for a middle school.
31.You don't have to ask "Harry L who?" or "C. Fred who?"
32.You can correctly name all the Johnsons: C. Fred, George F., Charles F, and Howard.
33.This road sign on 17 makes perfect sense to you: BOCES BR DEV CTR
34.You know which church Bazaar is the easiest one to get beer underaged.
35.Speaking of church bazaars, you know that they rule, and in this order: 1) St. Ant'ny's 2) St. Joe's; 3) OLA.
36.There's nothing funnier than the Botnick Chevrolet "I just can't beLIEVE this!" commercials.
37.The Oakdale Mall is simply "The Mall," because there's only one.
38.You refer to your butt in the Polish manner: Your "dupa."
39.You use these terms interchangeably: SUNY, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY-B, or Harpur College,
40.You still look at the State Office Building with a vague foreboding, 'cuz of the PCBs.
41.When you hear someone say "jaycee," you think of a town, not a social organization.
42.You're used to seeing Johnny Hart's caveman cartoons on everything.
43.When someone says "Enjoy," you think of a golf course.
44."Stella Ireland" isn't a woman.
45.You know how to pronounce "Apalachin."
46.You think of "Can Man" commercials as a higher form of entertainment.
47.You know all the lyrics to the jingle for the Rubber Ducky Car Wash sung to the tune of the Sesame Street song..."On the Vestal Parkway next to Miller Dodge..."
48. You use the word "wicked" in everday language.
49.You drive to Pennsylvania to get cheap gas.
50.You used to drive to Pennsylvania to shop, until they dropped state taxes.
51. On kamikaze curve, you don't slow down.
52.You know how "Powderhouse Road" got its name.
53. On Thursday night, there is only one place to go,and you'll run into everyone one you know there....Boca joe's
54. When you go to KFC, you go to Kennedy Fried Chicken .
55. You thought you were so cool going to the icehouse at age 16.
56. You got pissed off when you were younger when it snowed and the only school listed on the tv for cancellation was Blue Ridge
57. When you were younger, you thought that the best perk about being from bing was you didn't have to wait in line to ride the Tower of Terror at MGM, they just let you go to the front cause rod serling was your home fry.
58. You know what 797-9960 calls and the jingle that goes along with it.
59.When you were 14,you thought you were the shit going clubbing at touch of texas
60. You have had to leave your car in the parking ramp downtown because you were too drunk to drive.
61. You have seen an 80 yr old cowboy that wears baby blue wandering the streets aimlessly with a toy gun
62. When people go to concerts and say things like this....
63. You know when your bored at night that Dennys and Walmart are open 24/7
64. You remember Philly Sales
65. You explain where Binghamton is and people are still totally clueless to its location
66. You know who Jingles is
67. you remember when Macy's was Kaufmans, was Montgomery Wards.
68. Crossing the border to buy fireworks is considered normal
69. You Buy your cigarettes in bulk in PA cuz they are dirt cheap
70. You played smart at Smart Play USA
71. An essential part of the summer was the Spiedie Fest & Ballon Rally
72. The grocery store was the best part of the Discovery Center
73. Seeing a car commerical with Connie Gaults voice is pure torture
74. When your elementary field trips included one to the cidermill
75. You went to school with at least one of Dick's Sporting Goods family members
75. You proudly proclaim as you walk into Dick's in other places that the orginal/founding one is in your home town.
76. The Anderson center was always a field trip
77. when you literally can't go anywhere in town without seeing someone you know
78. When burning stuffed bears and papermache/stuffed tigers is an annual tradition

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