Saturday, April 28

Almost there

Well, week 6 is just about over of this first term. I am so tired, but this home stretch is filled with assignments. I have 2 200pt papers to write, a final exam, a few quizzes, lots of discussions, and I think my head might actually spin off my shoulders.

Mackenzie is doing well with school, she'll actually be doen here soon. She's excited, I'm excited, and we're ready for summer.

My mom actually has an e-mail address and computer now, so that's cool. Tomorrow and then again next Saturday I'm going to see my grandma. We're hving lunch tomorrow, and I can't wait. It's going to be so fun! After that we are going to the cemetary to see grandpas grave site, not as fun, but necesarry. I havn't been there since he died.

I need to study some more, I have reading to do and I need to get this quiz over with so I can stop worrying about the darn thing.

Friday, April 27

The Lover In Me

"The Lover In Me"
sung by: Jessica Simpson

Too long I've been
Denying myself
Hostage to thoughts i'm somebody else
And all the while you
Have been wishing to
Love on me

Mixed feelings and misgivings
That's all a memory now baby
When you saw me
For what i could be
Then i finally saw the same

Now the lover in me
Sees the lover in you
And im happy to say that im so not afraid
For the lover in me
To meet the lover in you
Cause i see what we'll be
And the lover in me loves you

Past it's just that leave it where it's at
I want to live in the moment with you
Wasted so much time
Startling but now i'm
Spreading my wings and begining again

Mixed feelings and misgivings
That's all a memory now baby
When you saw me
For what i could be
Then i finally saw the same

Now the lover in me
Sees the lover in you
And im happy to say that im so not afraid
For the lover in me
To meet the lover in you
Cause i see what we'll be
And the lover in me loves you

No tears left to cry
You're my strongest tide
So amazing how you've taken me away
I'm too far off the ground
So heart don't fail me now
Just let me oh let me
Feel like a lover come down

Now the lover in me
Sees the lover in you
And im happy to say that im so not afraid
For the lover in me
To meet the lover in you
Cause i see what we'll be
And the lover in me [3x]

Thursday, April 26

Thursday 13 #2

Yes, I know I missed last week, so i'm gonna end up putting up 2 today, lol. But here are 13 Things That Happened when I Saw My Grandma for the first time in 13 years.

1- The best warm hug I've had since the last time I saw her
2- Mackenzie Read to her great-grandmother
3- I met Sean's Girls Crete and Clare, and Greg's daughter Heather who I'd never met before
4- My Grandma, who used to tell my mom to let me have a cookie.... over ruled me when I told my kids they couldn't have a cookie (btw that was really cool, lol)
5- I saw a family lineage of her line of our family, dating back to 1624!!
6- I learned my grandmother has had the same pen-pal for more than 60 years... and they still write to eachother!
7- Was given a picture of my grandpa where he was being incredibly silly, and making a face that I thought only zach would ever make, rofl
8- Was able to teach Crete how to finish off a rnd before starting hte next one on a crochet project she is working on
9- Met Emily, who is really cool and funky, and very nice!
10- Took a picture with 4 generations of my family in it!!
11- Was able to sit in a conversation where I'm pretty sure it was established my grandparents know EVERYONE
12- Emily gave my daughters more clothes than they are ever going to need, lol, I mean bags and bags and bags of shirts and dresses and jeans, you should see all the stuff
13- My husband was actaully a little sociable, but was great about wrangling the kids so I could enjoy the time with my mom, grandma, Aunt Betty, and Aunt Emily.

It was such a great day! I was so glad to be able to look through OLD, like from 1920-40's OLD photographs, and sit and talk with her, and when Mackenzie read to her, it was so cool to me! And the girls were so sweet and polite all day, they really put their best foot forward. And they weren't shy with her, they both just hugged her, and jadyn warmed up after an hour or so, then everyone got to see her giggling, and hear her talk, and being silly.

Clare, Crete and Heater are very sweet young ladies, and it was such a joy to meet them. I have so many cousins, and really know very few of them. It's nice to meet some of them. We're going back this Sunday, and going to lunch, then going back NExt Saturday to attend a huge party that Aunt Betty and Uncle Dave are throwing for her. There I will meet LOTS of cousins and their kids, and others that I havn't really gotten to know. I'm really excited about it, should be fun.

It was so great to see her, can't really describe how great. After my grandfather died she went to live with Aunt and Uncle,and he's in the Air Force, so they've moved a bit. Being in Washington State, Guatemala, Florida, and we've just never had the means to go and visit them. Something I'd like to change, and see about going down to see them next spring.

Anyway, I'm still high in the clouds from the visit, and wanted to share some of that with you all.


Thursday, April 12

My very first Thursday 13

13 Movies I'd watch over and over again

1. Monty Python The Holy Grail
2. What Dreams May Come
3. Ghost
4. The Notebook
5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original)
6. Stargate
7. Mrs. Doubtfire
8. Pirates of the Carribean (any of them)
9. Pride and Prejudice
10. The Little Mermaid
11. Bad Boys
12. Ladder 49
13. Pretty Woman

Wednesday, April 11

Mail today...

So, I sent my hubby out to check the mail today, and he brought me this:

And so I opened it up and find a unch of brown paper:

Pull away the paper and you get:

Well how nice!!! Look at all the beautiful stuff, starting with this:

It's a card that lets me know that Pixiedust has been my unknown pal! Thanks Tiffany, you've been a great sp!!

First off, I LOVE stuffies!!!! And secondly, I REALLY REALLY love the ones that Kristie designs, so these cute little guys are just perfect!!!! I LOVE them, time to pull out another shelf and hang these guys up!!!

So now, let's look at some goodies that I can make into something wonderful some hooks and a magnet:

Some thread:

a bookmark, so cute little ladybug:

Two GREAT, and I mean GREAT books! One is a PK doily pattern book, The Best of Patricia Kristofferson, and then How to Crochet the Celtic Way!!!! If you could see me bouncing, you'd laugh at me!

And of course some chocolate, caramel eggs from cadbury:

which my husband made quick work in claiming for himself, lol!

And like I said before, she has thought of my daughters with EVERY package, and this time is no different:

A wonderful book of how to make puppets based on African Animals, and some beads and string, we are talking about HOURS of FUN!!!!

I have had so much fun being Tiffany's pal! She has been the best! Every week she sent me the best hallmark e-cards letting me know something else we have in common. I have had a blast! Thanks soooooo much!!!!

Sunday, April 1

Secret Pals and completed projects and Yarn!

Lion Wool My mom sent me!
Red Heart Symphony from mom
Beautiful wash cloths from my AMAZING secret pal. I'm telling ya, I CAN"T WAIT to see who this Seminole loving lady is!!!
Caron Wintuk from mom
Mainstays pounders from mom!
Caron Simply Soft from hubby!!! That's right, from hubby!!!

Ambers Completed yo-yo ghan. I MUST get this in the mail this week!

Skinny scarf for jessica's daughter, again MUST MAIL this week.

My favorite recently completed project is this outfit for a fridn of mine named Flor. She has 2 little boys, and is expecting her first daughter in June. I had to make her this baby girl set and bonnet. The Dress and Diaper cover can be found here

I am so blessed in my life to have such great people who love me. My mom was so great to send me all that yarn, and Zach picked out the Caron himself, I just told him the brand I had a hankering for. I'm hoping to finish a few more small things this week for my secret pal, then I need to mail out my reveal package. And after she receives her items, I'll post pics of what I made her.

This round of secret pals has been a lot of fun. Last round I thought I was unfairly matched, I had an AMAZING ROCK ON secret pal, and I was a newbie, did ok for my pal. But this time, I feel I have been evenly paired. I think I have done well in my job as a giver and thoughtful secret pal, and my Secret Pal has DEFINITELY once again been AWESOME!!!! I won't be in another pal swap until I graduate, and I am so glad to have had such a great experience with it!!