Thursday, August 28

2 more dishcloths,

Well, I've finished 2 more dishcloths, the Sunflower from my Garden Dishcloths book, and then Grandmother's Favorite that Theresa turned me on to. I'm going to get back to the Garden tomorrow, cast on the Cherries. I've also joined a Knit Along group on Ravelry, the group does a new dishcloth each week, and I'm going to join them starting Monday. I think it will help expand my skills knitting wise, and keep me interested.

Without further ado, here are the dishcloths:

Tuesday, August 26

My First Dishcloth Tuesday

Well, I've joined another CAL over on the ville, this one should help me get those Knitted Dishcloths done. It's called Dishcloth Tuesday, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Each Tuesday a group of us are going to complete a dishcloth. This week I didn't do a knitted one, I found a great pattern for a Pineapple Dishcloth and simply had to try it out. Well here it is, my dishcloth Tuesday debut:

I wanted to show the detail a little more, so I hung it from the window latch near the computer. It's made from cotton I bought from the Peaches n' Creme web-site, the color is Painted Dessert. I LOVE this color, bought it in thread too.

Saturday, August 23


Man, I'm so super excited!!! Here is my finished Double Wedding Ring Lapghan to be auctioned off for Friedrich's Ataxia Awareness, this will be sent off to Jimbo for the Auction to be held in October.

I worked with a great team of ladies that were all working for a common goal, all items made by the team were going toward the auction, and they all did a BANG UP JOB!!! Check out this Thread on Crochetville and see what all was accomplished. I'm am so proud to have worked with this group!

Now i'm fired up to put real effort into the remaining items on my list for this quarter. I'm sooooo far behind, But I'm confident that I can really finish MOST of the items for the Having Fun and Getting It Done, CAL for this quarter. My next projects are Dawn's blanket, and Grandpa Pease's blanket. Also getting some 8" squares for the August Charity for the blitz, the games have really taken all my time, but I should be able to get a few done before the end of the month. Wish me Luck.

Friday, August 15


Well, as I said before I'm part of the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece! I'm making great progress and am ahead of schedule and well on my way to getting the GOLD!! My double wedding ring lapghan has been a real challenge, something new and fun, and I'm so excited about it. Here it is as it looks right now! 59.16% completed!!

Go TEAM FARA! Some great projects are getting done, some are already completed!! And Jimbo is likely to be thrilled with all the goodies headed his way for the auction in October!

Friday, August 8

The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Have Begun

Well over on I am participating in the 2008 C-Gags (as my husband calls them). They have begun today, and I am about 1/2 done with my goal for today. I am making a lapghan sized Double Wedding Ring Crocheted Quilt. In colors purple, sage, black and soft white. I am very excited that these have finally started, and even more excited that my air conditioner is working properly, so crocheting is enjoyable here in the middle of August. YAY!

Cheer me and the other athletes on as we try to reach some lofty goals over the next 16 days! Well wishes always appreciated. I'll post pics as soon as there is something worth taking a picture of!

Wednesday, August 6

You know you are from Binghamton when....

My friend tiffany posted this on her myspace blog, and I just had to copy it and put it here!

You know you are from Binghamton when.....

1.You know better than to spell it with a "p."
2. Bulls (used to be) on restaurant roofs.
3. You can get anywhere in 15 minutes or less (including the airport).
4.You think of its proximity to New York City as one of the best things about living in Binghamton.
5. You think of its proximity to New York City as one of the worst things about living in Binghamton.
6.Cubed, marinated spiedie meat is for sale in every local supermarket at outrageous prices.
7.You've always wondered what it means to be "The Parlor City."
8.You work, or everyone you know works, or knows someone, or is related to someone who works, or worked, at IBM.
9.You are related to someone who used to work at "EJ."
10.You got excited when you saw an EJ Shoes store outside of the area.
11.You know someone who lives in an "EJ House".
12.You have always known what "E-J" stands for.
13. You remember when the Binghamton Senators were the BC Icemen were the Binghamton Rangers were the Binghamton Whalers were the Broome Dusters.
14.Your idea of the ultimate date is dinner at Number 5.
15.You know the tune to "See you at the Giant"
16.You think that people who don't know how to drive in the Johnson City traffic circle are either wimps or idiots.
17.You remember the old traffic circle
18.You have a button certifying that you have ridden all six local carousels.
19.You've used a piece of trash for a free ride on a carousel.
20.You can't bring yourself to pay to ride a carousel when you see one somewhere out of town.
21.You know how "African Road", in vestal got its name.
22.You think eating spiedies and watching hot-air balloons launch is the highlight of the summer.
22.People from 15 miles away think you live in a big city.
23.You have a strong opinion in the great Lupo's vs. Salamida's speidie debate.
24.You know that BCC can also be referred to as the Hornet's Nest, Harvard by the Highway, Front Street U Yale by the Jail, or simply 13th Grade.
25.You've logged time at Aladdin's Castle and can't beleive it's no longer there!
26.You worked at one of the 3,247 Giant Markets in the area.
27.You've skated the moonlight at "Skate Eeeeeestate (skate estate, skate estate, skate estate), Skate Eeeestate!"
28.You've been on the waterslide in town (Slide Estate?)
29.You've bowled at Midway or Riverhouse.
30. Harry L seems like a normal name for a highway, and C. Fred seems like a normal name for a middle school.
31.You don't have to ask "Harry L who?" or "C. Fred who?"
32.You can correctly name all the Johnsons: C. Fred, George F., Charles F, and Howard.
33.This road sign on 17 makes perfect sense to you: BOCES BR DEV CTR
34.You know which church Bazaar is the easiest one to get beer underaged.
35.Speaking of church bazaars, you know that they rule, and in this order: 1) St. Ant'ny's 2) St. Joe's; 3) OLA.
36.There's nothing funnier than the Botnick Chevrolet "I just can't beLIEVE this!" commercials.
37.The Oakdale Mall is simply "The Mall," because there's only one.
38.You refer to your butt in the Polish manner: Your "dupa."
39.You use these terms interchangeably: SUNY, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY-B, or Harpur College,
40.You still look at the State Office Building with a vague foreboding, 'cuz of the PCBs.
41.When you hear someone say "jaycee," you think of a town, not a social organization.
42.You're used to seeing Johnny Hart's caveman cartoons on everything.
43.When someone says "Enjoy," you think of a golf course.
44."Stella Ireland" isn't a woman.
45.You know how to pronounce "Apalachin."
46.You think of "Can Man" commercials as a higher form of entertainment.
47.You know all the lyrics to the jingle for the Rubber Ducky Car Wash sung to the tune of the Sesame Street song..."On the Vestal Parkway next to Miller Dodge..."
48. You use the word "wicked" in everday language.
49.You drive to Pennsylvania to get cheap gas.
50.You used to drive to Pennsylvania to shop, until they dropped state taxes.
51. On kamikaze curve, you don't slow down.
52.You know how "Powderhouse Road" got its name.
53. On Thursday night, there is only one place to go,and you'll run into everyone one you know there....Boca joe's
54. When you go to KFC, you go to Kennedy Fried Chicken .
55. You thought you were so cool going to the icehouse at age 16.
56. You got pissed off when you were younger when it snowed and the only school listed on the tv for cancellation was Blue Ridge
57. When you were younger, you thought that the best perk about being from bing was you didn't have to wait in line to ride the Tower of Terror at MGM, they just let you go to the front cause rod serling was your home fry.
58. You know what 797-9960 calls and the jingle that goes along with it.
59.When you were 14,you thought you were the shit going clubbing at touch of texas
60. You have had to leave your car in the parking ramp downtown because you were too drunk to drive.
61. You have seen an 80 yr old cowboy that wears baby blue wandering the streets aimlessly with a toy gun
62. When people go to concerts and say things like this....
63. You know when your bored at night that Dennys and Walmart are open 24/7
64. You remember Philly Sales
65. You explain where Binghamton is and people are still totally clueless to its location
66. You know who Jingles is
67. you remember when Macy's was Kaufmans, was Montgomery Wards.
68. Crossing the border to buy fireworks is considered normal
69. You Buy your cigarettes in bulk in PA cuz they are dirt cheap
70. You played smart at Smart Play USA
71. An essential part of the summer was the Spiedie Fest & Ballon Rally
72. The grocery store was the best part of the Discovery Center
73. Seeing a car commerical with Connie Gaults voice is pure torture
74. When your elementary field trips included one to the cidermill
75. You went to school with at least one of Dick's Sporting Goods family members
75. You proudly proclaim as you walk into Dick's in other places that the orginal/founding one is in your home town.
76. The Anderson center was always a field trip
77. when you literally can't go anywhere in town without seeing someone you know
78. When burning stuffed bears and papermache/stuffed tigers is an annual tradition

Thursday, June 26

Comfort coming in Brown

I had goaled for the Having Fun Getting it Done CAL in the 2nd quarter to assemble 3 comfortghans, and I'm very proud to say I did!!!! Here is the 3rd one, it's browns, squares given by various people on crochetville, and from church, I think 4-6 are ones that I made, I'm not a big fan of brown, but I'm still pleased with the final look!

I'm going to work on some more squares before the 1st, and hopefully get some more done for OA and Krystal.

Friday, June 13

June Charity Square Along

Well, it's the first day of the June Charity Square Along, there is one every month and it lasts 4 days (Friday-Monday), this month I'm using this time to meet my goals for my 2nd quarter Having Fun and Getting It Done CAL, my goal is to make 23 6" squares for Online-Angels, and 9 Daisy Squares for Krystal... So far this morning I've made 5 of my squares for OA.

This is a challenge this month because I'm in the Bottom Up Pineapple Shawl class on Crochetville, which just started today and lasts for a week, I've finished lesson 1 and started lesson 2, I figure I'll work 5 squares then do some of my shawl then make more squares. The squares are the main thing though, they're very important to finish.

I'm also working on a scarf in size 10 thread with an E hook, it's 6" across and needs to be 40" long, so far it is 7" long, not bad for 2 sittings worth of progress, it's what I work on while the kids are playing in the backyard, since it's so lightweight it's not too hot to work on.

I completed 1 Fireman Bear so far, I wanted to do at least 5, but I think it's going to end up being more like 2-3 by the end of the month, there are a lot of details to them, and they just take longer to make than I had thought they would. Here he is though, I think he's sooo cute!

I'll post more in a few days when I have some results from the weekend.

Monday, June 9

Checking In

Well, I finished the 2nd dishcloth in the Garden Dishcloths book, I made the Birdhouse, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and looking at this one right next to the Tulip I can see I'm getting better, my stitches are more consistent, these patterns are such great practice, and I'm having a lot of fun, the Sunflower is on my needles now, but I need to finish some crochet projects before I let myself really work on it.

The last few weeks I've been working on items to send to a little boy named Casey, he has Epidermolysis Bullosa. I "met" his mom through a woman on Crochetville who also suffers from the disease. I don't understand all of it, but from what I have gathered this disease is the lack of an essential protein that binds our layers of skin together, so without this protein even small amounts of friction cause the formation of blisters and sores on the body. Most severe cases these sores even happen internally, on the esophagus just from eating. There is a REALLY exciting article here that discusses a clinical trial that the treatment was successful on a 25 month old boy, this is REALLY EXCITING, because until this there was no cure for this disease, and now there appears to be great hope for the future!!!

Well, I started talking to Beth (Casey's Mom) and she really wanted a stocking cap for Casey, so that she could get a picture of her boys in matching winter hats, so I made that pretty quick. She talked some about Zachary, and how selfless he is already at the age of 7, how kind he is to his brother, and how he doesn't show any jealousy or animosity, but is just a great big brother, and has really taken things in stride. I wanted to make sure when I sent the items for Casey that there was something special for Zachary, so I made him a blanket of his very own. I am still working on a couple scarves and a ball for Casey, but here is the cap and blanket (Jadyn is modeling the cap for me)

The colors are Red, Yellow, and Navy blue.. it was made with my Chophook, and used the Diagonal Hues pattern from CPC

That's all for now, I'm currently working on a brown-tones comfortghan assembly for the women's ministry, and the blitz item this month is the Fireman bear going to SC. I'd like to get 5 of those done this month, I have about 90% of 1 done so far. I'm thinking about making all the small parts first then doing a mass assembly of the little guys later, it may go faster that way. I'll post pics when I have a full one done.

Wednesday, June 4

Tulip Dishcloth

Well, I actually finished this yesterday, but havn't really had time to put it up here, I made my first Knitted Dishcloth (although I like it better as a washcloth, it's too pretty to scrub up grease, lol). Anyway, it's made with Peaches and Creme Cotton, Color Lilac. It's the 1st design I chose from the Garden Dishcloths to Knit book, and I've already started the Birdhouse....

Monday, June 2

Swaps and such

Well, I participated in two swaps in the last month, simultaneously.. crazy of me I know. Well, I must say I had so much fun doing the swaps, and I've already picked out a couple more to do this year, might even try to do the Secret Pals swap this fall... we'll see.

The first package I received was from LaVonne, she was partner for the scarf swap, this was so much fun making some girly scarves for her, and her package to me couldn't have been anymore perfect. It had 3 great scarves, and a selection of candy that included Caramel Cremes (oh yea baby!)

Then just today I was lucky enough to get my package from Theresa, she was the fantastic partner I was given for the Whole Kit and Kaboodle Swap. She asked what sort of things I like to make, and I gave her a few ideas and she went with an AMAZING pattern book for Dishcloths, The Garden of Dishcloths to Knit, these dishcloths are so cool! I've been looking at this book for a while, and just never got around to getting it. Well, now I have the book, the needles I need to make the patterns, and enough cotton to make EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! Theresa also made me this great wrap! It's a beautiful pinkish/purple color, and SOO soft, I just love it!

The last couple weeks I've also been overrun with 6" squares, as part of the 2008 Charity Blitz on Crochetville, the month of May was spent making 6" squares for the Kingston SDA Women's Ministry, for our use in making comfortghans for people in our area. Look to the right of my blog under the charity blitz to see everyone who has sent me squares and the running total, we're at over 600 already and I'm still waiting on about 6 packages!!! It's been very uplifting for me to be involved in this, and my poor mailman probably can't wait until it's over.

Monday, May 19

Baby Blanket and some squares

Well, I found some great square patterns over on CPC and had to adjust some of them to make them 6" with an H hook... many of them called for smaller hooks. Anyway, I wanted to use my new Jimbo hook for the squares, because it's so new and so perfect, and so comfortable to work with that I didn't want to put it down, anyway, here are the 30 squares that I made for the May Charity Blitz

Then when i was done with those, all made during the May Charity Square Along weekend, I sat down last night and made this blanket in 6 hours! Non-stop while watching a movie with the family, and just kept working while Zach watched stuff I didn't care to watch, I need a better photo, my good camera has no batteries at the moment, so for now this is what I have, the color ways in this yarn (Homespun Honolulu) are amazing, it's almost self striping and I used the pattern for Diagonal Hues again, and this one was made with my handy dandy Chophook, be sure to get with Jimbo and get your own Chophook, it's a GREAT hook! This blanket is 32x32", and will be going to Donnalynn in Florida, I'm going to finish more before I send it on, but that's who it's for!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 15

Projects I can't show and May charity Square A Long

Well, I have finished my project for my Kit and Kaboodle swap partner, it's all boxed up and ready to mail, now just have to get to the post office...

Found out my Scarf Swap Partner is Lavonne, and I'm working on a scarf for her now that I know who she is, and she'll be getting the 2 scarves I've already done and this one, hopefully will be ready to mail by end of next week...

oh, I made a Dot's Little Ditty Bag for my Axe, so here's my Axe Ataxia purse:

I whipped up a few squares for FARA yesterday, I'm tossing them in the collection, and I'll send them all out once I've had my hands on the hook

Tomorrow starts the Charity-Square-Along Weekend for May, since my churches women's ministry is the focus of the Charity Blitz this month I'm devoting my squares to that this month. I would like to complete 30 6" between tomorrow and Monday. Working with a few different colors this time, have some browns set aside, pinks, purple, a harvest colored verigate, black and soft white as well. So, I shouldn't get bored doing the same square over and over.

This week I have to work on projects I can show pictures of, lol.

Saturday, May 10


I received some squares WAY BACK WHEN from Pineknott over on crochetville, and FINALLY they have become the comfortghan they were destined to be. Have a look...

I've also been working my partners kaboodle, and made another girly scarf that I'm hoping I can use in the Summer Scarf swap... but can't show those pictures because my partner and prospective partner should see the finished product first!

OOOO, and I won the auction on ebay for the book with The Cathedral Rose Window afghan pattern in it, and I'm bidding on a Jimbo Hook that I'm hoping to win, I'll find out Monday for sure... man I'd LOVE a Jimbo hook.

Speaking of Jimbo, I designed something today:

It's based on the Axe Ataxia button, and I'm going to put it on a purse that I'm probably going to make this week, yay!

Monday, May 5

Thinking about the week

Well, I'm in the Having Fun Getting It Done CAL over on Crochetville, and it's been really good for me, as far as working on projects and making real progress on them goes. I posted this same list over there, but want it where I can find it easily later on, here's the projects I want to work on this week:

Finish the Pink Comfortghan
Finish 8 Round Squares on Babette
Have 10 Squares ready to mail to OA by Friday
Start 8 Pocket Tote (if not started this week I'm removing from list for this quarter)
Start Tote for my Kit and Kaboodle Partner

The above are in no particular order, just that's where I want to focus this week, so we'll see how many new projects tempt and side track me over the course of the week, lol.

Saturday, May 3

8" Chophook Square #2

Here is the 2nd 8" square I've come up with using my Chophook If you havn't already, be sure to get your own Chophook from Jimbo, they'll be available for as long as he can whittle!

As with all my patterns this pattern is free for your use, please link to me as opposed to posting the pattern on your own site. You can do what you want with the squares you make from the pattern, but selling the pattern is not allowed! Hope you enjoy the pattern!! Feel free to send my pictures of your squares to lovinglyhandmade (at)gmail (dot) com

Small amount of worsted weight yarn in 2 colors
Chophook (roughly size K crochet hook)
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

FPTRC: Front Post Treble Crochet
BPTRC: Back Post Treble Crochet
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
TRC: Treble crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
Ch: chain
Sk: Skip
FO: Finished Off

With Color A:

Ch 4, Join with sl st to form a ring

Round 1: Ch 3, 2dc, *ch2, 3dc* 3 times, ch 2, Join with sl st to top of beginning chain 3

Round 2:
Ch1, BPTRC around same st, and nxt 2 sts *(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in corner, BPTRC in nxt 3 sts* 3 times, ch 2 join with sl st to 1st BPTRC.

Round 3: ch1, FPTRC around same st, and nxt 4 sts, *(2dc, ch2, 2 dc) in corner, FPTRC in nxt 7 sts* 3 times, (2dc,ch2, 2dc) in last corner, FPTRC in nxt 2 sts, join with sl st to 1st FPTRC

Round 4: ch1, sc in same st and nxt 6 sts, *3sc in corner, sc in nxt 11sts* 3 times, 3 sc in corner, sc in nxt 4 sts. FO

Round 5: Join color B with a sl st to center sc of any corner. Ch1,(sc, ch2,sc) in same st, *(ch1 sk nxt st, sc in nxt st) 6 times, ch 1, sk nxt st, (sc,ch2,sc) in nxt st* 3 times, ch 1, sk nxt st, sc in nxt st, across last side, ending with ch 1, and sl st to 1sr sc, FO.

Round 6: With color A join with sl st to any corner ch2 space. (ch3, dc, ch2, 2 dc) in same corner, *(ch 1, dc in nxt ch sp) across (2dc, ch2, 2 dc) in corner* around. FO

Round 7: With Color B Join with a sl st to any corner ch 2 space. (ch3, dc, ch2, 2dc) in same space. Dc in nxt 2 sts, TRC in sc of Round 5. *(ch1, trc in nxt sc of round 5) 7 times, dc in nxt 2 sts, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in nxt corner, dc in nxt 2 sts. TRC in sc from round 5* 3 times (ch1, trc in nxt sc from round 5) 7 times, dc in nxt two sts. Join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3. FO

Round 8:
With Color A join with sl st to any corner ch2 space. ch1, 3 sc in same sp, *sc in each st and ch1 space across to next corner, work 3 sc in the corner* repeat around, join with a sl st to 1st sc. FO. Weave in ends.

Monday, April 28

Chophook 8" Square

Well, I joined up with the Traveling Hook III over on crochetville, and what we're doing is raising awareness for Friedreichs Ataxia (click the Axe Ataxia Button on the left for more information on this terrible disease) by crocheting squares to make afghans, and talking about it!!! While we do we are taking turns using a hook that was made by Jimbo. Well Jimbo makes some BEAUTIFUL hooks, one day I'll convince my husband that I NEED one, and no not just to drool over! He has also made some roughly size K Chophooks- hooks made out of Chopsticks. Head on over to his blog to see how you can get your own chophook (which works wonderfully btw) AND help to fund the much needed research that FARA conducts.

As I sit patiently... yea, sorta patiently, for my 5 day turn with the Traveling Hook I wanted to make up some 8" squares, so that I have a decent sized package to send in when my week with the hook is over, and I thought, "hey, jimbo made the chophook to help raise funds for FARA, i'll use my chophook to make squares for the afghans!" YAY!!! Well, I didn't want to use any old square, and there are LOADS of 8" square patterns available, but I didn't feel like looking for one that would work with a "roughly size K" hook. So here is the first square I ever designed, and it comes out to 8" if you use a Chophook!

Please understand that you can use this pattern for whatever projects you so desire, but do not sell the pattern!! It's free, and it's right here, so if you sell it, that makes you grimy, and who wants to go to bed dirty?? I hope it'll be used for charity purposes, but I acknowledge that i can't control that, so enjoy!! And show me pictures! You can email me pictures at I'd love to see how you use this or any of my patterns!

Small amount of worsted weight yarn in 2 colors
Chophook (roughly size K crochet hook)
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

FPTRC: Front Post Treble Crochet
Sc: single crochet
Hdc: half double crochet
Dc: double crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
Ch: chain
Sk: Skip
FO: Finished Off

With Color A. Ch 4, join with Sl st to form Ring

Round 1: Working in ring: Ch 3, 2dc *ch 2, 3dc* 3 times, ch 2, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3

Round 2: Ch 1, *FPTRC around nxt 3 dc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in ch 2 sp* 4 times, sl st to first trc

Round 3: FPTRC in nxt 5 sts *ch 3, FPTRC in nxt 7 sts* 3 times, ch 3, FPTRC in next 2 sts, join with sl st to first trc

Round 4: Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in nxt 4 sts * 3 sc in ch 3 sp, sc in nxt 7 sts* 3 times, 3 sc in nxt ch 3 space, sc in nxt 2 sts. Join with sl st to first sc, FO.

Round 5: With color B join with sl st to center sc in any corner. (Ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in same st, *(ch 1, sk nxt st, dc in nxt st) 4 times, ch 1 (2dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in nxt st* Repeat around, sl st to top of beginning ch 3.

Round 6: Ch 3, dc in nxt st * (2dc, Ch 2, 2 dc) in corner, dc in each st and space across* repeat around. 17 sts each side. Sl st to top of beginning ch 3. FO (Square should be 6” at this point)

Round 7: With Color A Join with sl st to any corner, (ch 3, dc, ch2, 2dc) in corner * Dc in space BETWEEN each st across (2dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in corner* Repeat around. Join with sl st to beginning ch 3.

Round 8: Ch 2, hdc in nxt st * (2hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc) in corner, hdc in each st across *repeat around join with sl st to beginning ch 2. FO. Weave in ends.

Peaches and Cream Done

Well I finished up the Peaches and Cream Ghan this morning, it's a Christmas Gift for Zach's Grandma Pease, my sil told me that her favorite color is peach, so I went with that for her. Here's the picture:

Some things coming up, are I am testing a pattern this week for Krochet Krystal (the one who designed the Daisy Square), it's a darling Capelet, I'm testing it in the size for Dawny Cakes, she wants it done within a week, so I'll start on that as soon as I get the pattern.

Last night I started a LAce and Bobbles afghan, using a G hook, it's going to be for Dawn, I let her go through and choose her colors, most of them match, at least certainly better than the colors Kenzie Chose for her 5 year blanket. BUt the L&B will be 14 different colors, mostly pinks and purples, but also brown, black, green, and blue.. hey so long as she likes it, that's all that matters.

More later....

Thursday, April 24

Family and Hobbies

Thought I should put up some new pictures. These were taken over the last couple days, just some shots of the family. First is Zach with girls on the couch, he had been just relaxing and watching t.v when Kenzie decided to snuggle, then jadyn jumped on and Dawn just couldn't be left out. The bottom two are mackenzie and dawn, they both picked me a flower from the Magnolia tree in the backyard today, they are too sweet!

Then here are some pictures of recent deliveries, my joann's order and my shop caron order. Joann's really had great prices on everything, and the two books are books I've wanted for a while now, and the Crochet Lite hooks I've had my eye on, but didn't want to spend $7 per hook, got em sale nearly 2 for 1 so couldn't resist anymore. The Peach and Cream yarn is already nearly gone, it was used to make a lapghan for my husbands grandma, and plans are in place for the other yarn too.

Then from I bought 5- 1lb mill ends bags, it's luck of the draw with what you get, you know it's caron yarn but you can't choose type or color. Of the 5 lbs I got 3 lbs of simply soft (2 white and 1 purplish) and a yellow pounder, and the teal/blue is a rough coarse yarn, I'm thinking rug yarn, I have a darker blue and gray of the same type that I bought a while back at ac moore, and i'm thinking of making a welcome mat type thing for the mud room with it.

Monday, April 21

Change in Design

Well, I've found a new pattern that I absolutely LOVE for a diagonally striped afghan, and have decided to re-do the lapghans I'm making for Zach's grandma and grandpa pease. Poor grandpa pease's ghan hasn't been touched in so long, and I fear I may never finish it, and I'm not happy with how grandma pease's is turning out, and even though I'm more than 60% done with it, I'm just scrapping it and starting over. eventually I'll frog it and use the yarn for either granny squares or depending on how beat up the yarn is I'll make snuggles for the humane society with it, we'll see. But I'm so unhappy with it, that I won't even put up pictures.

So, here is the link to the pattern that I'm going to use for both. Grandma's will be peaches and cream, and grandpa's will be capecod blue, azure, black and cream... the same colors as the blankets I was originally making for them.
The pattern is called Diagonal Hues, and I found it on CPC

I've joined the Having Fun and Getting it Done CAL on the Ville, I've broken down my project list into a quarterly view, and am hoping this will help me get more done, as opposed to thinking I have a year to finish things, giving myself a smaller list of projects and a shorter amount of time on them.

My List for this is quarter is:

1. Grandma Pease's Peaches and Cream Ghan
2. 16 Daisy Squares for Krystal
3. 3 sections of the Babette
4. Eight Pocket Tote
5. 33 Squares for OA
6. Assemble 3 Comfortghans

The quarter deadline is June 30th, and I'll make this list on the right side bar so I can edit it easily, and I'll post pictures on Fridays of my progress on the items on this list.

Thursday, April 17

Woot UPS came by

I've ordered a bit of yarn lately from two different sources, the first batch came today, it's yarn I'm going to use to make the Babette Blanket I'm really excited to undertake this project, it's going to be something that I do slowly for sure. I usually use red heart or caron yarn for blankets. But I saw this Bernat Super Value on sale and thought I'd give it a fair chance.... it's the same weight and thickness as RRSS except this is SO MUCH SOFTER!!!! I can't believe how soft this is for a plain old acrylic yarn! I'm so glad I took the chance, since this blanket is going to be for me :) I"m hoping to have enough extra yarn to also make a throw pillow or two to go with it.

Here are the colors: pinks, purples, green, and browns

So the projects that I want to finish are as follows:

The ninepatch
The peaches and cream
Dawn's Blanket
Comfortghan assembly

there is always more mulling around in my head, but this is what i've got going on right now.

Chophook has arrived

Well today I received my Chophook from Jim. It's really neat, I made the beginning of a granny square as soon as I opened it, I wanted to see how it felt to work with it. It's really smooth and the yarn glides nicely along it.

Here are some pictures...

It came beautifully wrapped in red felt...

And here it is:

If you want a Chophook of your own here is where you can go to get one Chophook

You can help a really worthy cause and get a great tool to crochet with all at the same time.

Monday, April 14


Here is a baby ghan I made for my neighbor Margie. She wanted this for her pediatrician. I'm happy with how it turned out, the bottom and top are not identical like the picture with the pattern was, so I do want to try this pattern again and see if I can get that to be a little better. However, my neighbor was happy with the finished product, so that's what is important.

Also I wanted to show this too... this picture is old, but I am working with some ladies on crochetville on a traveling ghan, we're taking turns with it each adding a few rounds. Here is how I received it:

Here is how it left my house:

Wednesday, April 9

On the Horizon

I have to get some pictures taken, I've been working on a peach/cream colored ghan for grandma pease, and also the nine patch ghan for grandpa pease.

I am sending a handful of hats to florida for the march charity on crochetville's chairty blitz 2008... they are late in getting sent, but the person getting them knows and is waiting nicely :)

I bought the Babette Blanket pattern today, more for the line up of the squares than anything else, it looks really cool, i'll be working on this one slowly as time allows.

On the front burner I'm finishing a baby blanket for my neighbor, she wanted something for a nurse in her kids doctors office, needs to be ready by wednesday, it's a granny ripple in colors pink and white. turning out nicely.

Will have pictures up soon, I hope.