Thursday, April 17

Woot UPS came by

I've ordered a bit of yarn lately from two different sources, the first batch came today, it's yarn I'm going to use to make the Babette Blanket I'm really excited to undertake this project, it's going to be something that I do slowly for sure. I usually use red heart or caron yarn for blankets. But I saw this Bernat Super Value on sale and thought I'd give it a fair chance.... it's the same weight and thickness as RRSS except this is SO MUCH SOFTER!!!! I can't believe how soft this is for a plain old acrylic yarn! I'm so glad I took the chance, since this blanket is going to be for me :) I"m hoping to have enough extra yarn to also make a throw pillow or two to go with it.

Here are the colors: pinks, purples, green, and browns

So the projects that I want to finish are as follows:

The ninepatch
The peaches and cream
Dawn's Blanket
Comfortghan assembly

there is always more mulling around in my head, but this is what i've got going on right now.

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