Wednesday, April 9

On the Horizon

I have to get some pictures taken, I've been working on a peach/cream colored ghan for grandma pease, and also the nine patch ghan for grandpa pease.

I am sending a handful of hats to florida for the march charity on crochetville's chairty blitz 2008... they are late in getting sent, but the person getting them knows and is waiting nicely :)

I bought the Babette Blanket pattern today, more for the line up of the squares than anything else, it looks really cool, i'll be working on this one slowly as time allows.

On the front burner I'm finishing a baby blanket for my neighbor, she wanted something for a nurse in her kids doctors office, needs to be ready by wednesday, it's a granny ripple in colors pink and white. turning out nicely.

Will have pictures up soon, I hope.

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