Monday, April 21

Change in Design

Well, I've found a new pattern that I absolutely LOVE for a diagonally striped afghan, and have decided to re-do the lapghans I'm making for Zach's grandma and grandpa pease. Poor grandpa pease's ghan hasn't been touched in so long, and I fear I may never finish it, and I'm not happy with how grandma pease's is turning out, and even though I'm more than 60% done with it, I'm just scrapping it and starting over. eventually I'll frog it and use the yarn for either granny squares or depending on how beat up the yarn is I'll make snuggles for the humane society with it, we'll see. But I'm so unhappy with it, that I won't even put up pictures.

So, here is the link to the pattern that I'm going to use for both. Grandma's will be peaches and cream, and grandpa's will be capecod blue, azure, black and cream... the same colors as the blankets I was originally making for them.
The pattern is called Diagonal Hues, and I found it on CPC

I've joined the Having Fun and Getting it Done CAL on the Ville, I've broken down my project list into a quarterly view, and am hoping this will help me get more done, as opposed to thinking I have a year to finish things, giving myself a smaller list of projects and a shorter amount of time on them.

My List for this is quarter is:

1. Grandma Pease's Peaches and Cream Ghan
2. 16 Daisy Squares for Krystal
3. 3 sections of the Babette
4. Eight Pocket Tote
5. 33 Squares for OA
6. Assemble 3 Comfortghans

The quarter deadline is June 30th, and I'll make this list on the right side bar so I can edit it easily, and I'll post pictures on Fridays of my progress on the items on this list.

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