Monday, April 28

Peaches and Cream Done

Well I finished up the Peaches and Cream Ghan this morning, it's a Christmas Gift for Zach's Grandma Pease, my sil told me that her favorite color is peach, so I went with that for her. Here's the picture:

Some things coming up, are I am testing a pattern this week for Krochet Krystal (the one who designed the Daisy Square), it's a darling Capelet, I'm testing it in the size for Dawny Cakes, she wants it done within a week, so I'll start on that as soon as I get the pattern.

Last night I started a LAce and Bobbles afghan, using a G hook, it's going to be for Dawn, I let her go through and choose her colors, most of them match, at least certainly better than the colors Kenzie Chose for her 5 year blanket. BUt the L&B will be 14 different colors, mostly pinks and purples, but also brown, black, green, and blue.. hey so long as she likes it, that's all that matters.

More later....

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