Tuesday, February 27

Second Special Delivery of the day!

Well, I had my major yarn splurge late last week, and it all showed up on my door today! I'm so excited!!! So what did I get??

Below are 8 skeins of Honolulu Homespun, 3 of Calypso, and 2 of mission, as well as 4 skeins of teal soft boucle by bernat, 2 skeins of purple polarspun and 3 skeins of hot pink polarspun (lion brand)

Here we have 4 skeins of Peach Bernat Soft Boucle, and 8 of Strawberry in the same brand

Below is the thrid of my skeins of the purple polarspin, and 3 skeins of tutti frutti polarspun, 6 skeins each of TLC Heathers in French Lavendar and Teal, 2 violet, 1 peach, and 2 ecru skeins of Lily Elite Cotton, and then a skein of greens with blue and brownish tweed of Plymouth Encore DK weight.

I ordered all of this from the Smiley's Yarn Sale. They had great prices, and a flat rate shipping. So even after the shipping I still paid significantly less than I would have otherwise. And most of these yarns I don't buy because I'm a cheap skate with yarn, with the 3 kids I can always find something better to spend my money on, but this was my annual splurge, and I'm very pleased with it! Now I need to make room for it.... better get my hook going!!!

Wahooo Secret Pal

Wahoo checked my mail today, and here is what was inside!!! My first package from my secret pal, for me a bookmark, a square for the comfortghans I am making, some stickers, and some INCREDIBLE Chai Tea. Thanks!!!

For my little girls, some activity books. There is winnie the pooh sheets with markers, and a hidden picture book! The frog there is a card.... that should be in the for me picture, but the girls love it and claimed it!!

Thanks so much Ima, I love it, and my girls love it! They just LOVE LOVE LOVE getting mail with their name on it! Thanks so much!!!!

Friday, February 23

Comfortghan for Sandra

Here are some much needed pics, this blog is too novel like, and well, I enjoy picture books. So here are pictures of the squares sent to me by various villers for a comfortghan for Sandra (the red, yellow and blue squares), as well os beautiful squares sent to me by Pineknott for the comfortghans I am working on for shut-ins and ill through my Pastor. And an update shot of the round ripple for tiffany, and the 9-patch for grandpa pease. I still need to get pics of the great red blanket, the sheep for mom T. and a couple of other things. But this should suffice for now.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 21

Plastic Canvas

Well, I have busy with plastic canvas a bit lately. Our Women's Ministry at church has been assembling "Cross in a Pocket" to give to people in nursing homes and as we encounter various people during the week. Mackenzie has enjoyed making these as well, she even came with me to the meeting last night!

Today I started a small basket in plastic canvas, that will eventually be in the reveal package to my secret pal. I'm finding it to be a lot of fun! And I'm on a hunt now for patterns and books on this topic, as I am new to this craft.

I assembled another row of Ambers yo-yo ghan today, yay!!!

I was bad bad bad today, I went to AC Moore and picked up 4 lbs of caron yarn. 2 lbs of simply soft, and 2 lbs of standard, but get this, it was Mill Ends..... so it was $2.99/lb!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The simply soft are in a light lavendar and a deep jewel tone purple, and the standard is in blue and gray. I've never owned gray yarn, but I already have plans for the purples. Set against black it will look real sharp, and I think that's how I'm doing Dawn's 5th birthday afghan. I'm thinking 12" granny squares. I can see it in my minds eye, and can't wait to start it, lol. But I really need to finish other things.

I have made the sheep for my MIL's birthday gift, I need to finish the cake for Holly tomorrow, and I ran out of white for tiffy's blanket, so I need a skein of that before I can continue. And I've edged and joined 2 rows of the 8 for sandra's ghan. It looks really nice, I'm very pleased so far!!

Can't wait until I get my new Digital camera on Friday!!!! This place is going to be exploded with pictures!!!

Oh, I've also finished all the paperwork needed for my financial aid, and I have that squared away, now it's just a waiting game to see how much is coming, and what I need to make up on my own. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will all work out.


Sunday, February 18

Reflections on the week past, and looking to the Week ahead

This last week was crazy. With the snow and all we were happily snowed in. And then when the mail was able to be delivered I had 2 great mail days in a row. On the first great mail day I received 12 skeins of Lion Brand Fancy Fur from my Aunt MAry, I've already made 1 hat/scarf set, and started a 2nd. There is even enough for a 3rd. I also received 20 6" squares from Linda for the comfortghans I am making for members of my community. What a great heart she has!! Also a beautiful letter from my grandmother.

On the 2nd great mail day I received 12 skeins of yarn from my mom. 10 of them are Red Heart "holly" it;s kinda like red homespun. And 2 in red heart soft guacamole. I have started a lapghan with the red heart holly. I'm not sure how big it will be, but I'm going to edge it in black and white. It will be my old high school colors! I'm not sure if it's going to be donated or kept for our house. The yarn doesn't work up very attractively. It's incredibly soft, and really warm, but not so pretty, so maybe it will be a throw we have around here. I'll see what the finish product looks like, if it's not terrible, then it will be a comfortghan for someone. Also on this day I received 2 packages of squares for Sandras comfortghan, and also a package of squares for the ghans for the ghans I'm making for the list from Pastor Troy. SO I'm really excited.

Well, there are things to be done this week. Although not too terribly much. I am trying to crochet as much as possible before I start school in April, so that is adding to my perceived work load. So here are my goals for the coming week:

-Complete the sheep for my mil's birthday present. I want to make her a shadow box with a couple of small crocheted sheep and individual pictures of my daughters. I think it will look real sharp. I also want Mackenzie to write grandma in cursive, and Jadyn has made a small picture, and dawn wants to cut out shapes. Gives each of them something to add to it.

-Crochet a birthday cake for Holly's mom. This is one of the cake orders listed below.

-Begin work on a doily for my known pal. Haven't decided on the colors yet, but I'm leaning toward red and white. One, that's what I have on hand, and 2 I think she'll like it. But thread shopping has never bothered me before, lol.

-Connect 5 more rows or so of Ambers ghan. Her birthday is gonna sneak right up on me if I let it. So really I need to make a little progess on this.

-Complete Tiffany's rnd ripple. I would love to get her items mailed to her next week. And I am so close to finishing now, that I really just want it off my wip list. I think she'll really like it, and I want to get her items out to her.

- Continue working on the 9-patch for grandpa pease. Complete at least 1 more 9-patch, if not 2.

-Put the edging on the squares received for Sandras ghan

I'll go from here. But there isn't a lack of things to do. I need to make bookmarks, and snowflakes. I had the nerve to start another blanket. It's been crazy. I now have 5 blankets in various stages of production. Also there are stuffies I want to make, there are other projects for my secret pal I want to get started, and I want to finish this Bico I started a few weeks ago.... there is no reason why it shouldn't be done. So hopefully this will be a madjor productivity week for me. Hey, if I stay off the internet I should get a lot done!


Friday, February 16

Heard from my Secret Pal

Yeah! I got a nice e-mail from my secret pal tonight. And I love not knowing who she is. I'm gonna be calling her Ima on here, because her email to me said Imasecret. This is a whole lot of fun! I can't wait for all the fun in store, as this goes on.

She even asked if she could send things for my children... how sweet is that!? I think that's great!!

Here's to the start of a great friendship!


Wednesday, February 14

100 things you might not want to know about me

Let's see, everyone does this basically right? 100 things about themselves, well maybe I won't hit 100, but here we go.....

1. I am married to the first boy I ever kissed not on a dare
2. I grew up in NY but never went ice skating, though was able to visit Disney World.
3. I lived in Florida for 4 years, learned how to ice skate, and never went to Disney world...
4. I've only ever been admitted to the hospital for the purposes of giving birth
5. I was hit by a car in 3rd grade, went to the ER but didn't need to be admitted
6. I remember living in the Green House in Unadilla
7. I was accepted to but never attended FSU
8. I have marched in a half time show for the Jacksonville Jaguars
9. I believe when I go to heaven I'll be reuinited with my Clarinet
10. I am the 2nd of 4 daughters or the 4th of 4 depending on which parent you ask
11. I have never received a handmade gift I didn't absolutely love
12. I love knowing that someone somewhere is thinking about me
13. I have given birth twice with an epidural and once All Natural, and if I ever have a 4th I will go natural again
14. I was named after my great-grandmother
15. I wanted to know how to crochet because my great-grandmother was a crocheter and I feel connected to her
16. I am going back to school April 16th to get my Bachelors Degree in eBusiness Management
17. I have recently begun doing comissioned crochet work, and I love it
18. I love learning every craft I can getmy hands on, except knitting
19. I want to make more beaded jewelry than I currently do.... maybe an increased bead supply is the trick
20. I want to own a Jimbo Hook
21. KNowing that I probably won't own a Jimbo, I want to learn to make my own
22. I babysit my neice while my sister works at Wal-mart
23. I don't make baby blankets for family members, only friends
24. Family children get blankets for their 5th birthday, since they will then be old enough to remember who gave it to them and love it
25. My nephew Gavin is the most handsome little boy I've ever seen, and not because he is my nephew, he is seriously just too handsome
26. I'm on a quest to complete at least 480 6" squares for comfortghans I want to put together for shut-ins and sick in my area
27. I am a homeschooler, until my children at least finish the 3rd grade
28. I want to live in Princeton, NC near tiffany.... or somewhere with Lake Effects snow
29. I want to take my mother on a trip to Ireland, fulfill her life long dream, and one of my desires
30. I want to live for a year in Alaska before I die
31. I want to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights in an Afghan when the year is up
32. I remember Mr. Burkett reading "The Cremation of Sam McGee" when I was in 7th grade, can still hear his voice as I recite it, and would love to one day have it in a frame
33. Mr. Smith once made me hand in a math paper where he had bumped my arm to make me mark it all the way up, to show me that I don't always have to be perfect
34. As good intentioned as he was, Mr. Smith failed in teaching me the lesson
35. Being a Marching Brave gave me some of my best memories
36. My first job was McDonalds
37. I love Earl Grey Tea
38. I love English Dessert Teas
39. Milky Way is the best candy bar ever created
40. I am the proud owner of all of Cupcakes Aussie animal patterns, but havn't made any of them yet
41. The smell of lilacs can make me smile no ,atter how grumpy I am
42. I was raised by a woman who would skip meals so that her children could eat until they were full (Love ya mom!)
43. I am not a pet owner, and don't desire to be, but I feel very strongly that those who step up to that challenge need to treat their pets as well or better than they would treat a child
44. My husband and oldest daughter once rescued an orphaned squirrel
45. I thought the squirrel was adorable
46. I didn't see the movie "Ghost" until 2 days ago (I'm 25) and I LOVE it!!!
47. I have a thing for stationary... pens, pencils, notebooks, highlighters, journals, paper that matches my envelopes, stickers.... I'm nuts for the stuff
48. I've passed that love onto my children
49. I don't think there is any such thing as too many stuffies, they are simply too cute!
50. Safety pins are my favorite stich markers..... I just cant seem to figure out how to get the beads on the other side
51. I have more sketches than I will ever be able to write up patterns for
52. I draw and never let anyone see it, no one, not even hubby, it's mine
53. I wish I was able to let go and allow myself to do freeform crochet, but I can't start something without an idea of what it will be
54. I go to Bible study every week, but church not nearly as much
55. We don't own a car
56. We have been without furniture for the last 6 months, but that will change in 9 days!!!
57. I love throw pillows
58. I've never had less than 7 projects in the works at any given time
59. I have a love affair with Swiss Cake Rolls
60. I only own 3 pairs of shoes
61. I must admit I think sock monkeys are ugly little things
62. I love learning to cook new things
63. My husband is a better cook than I am
64. I make bread when I'm really angry... pounding the dough makes me feel better
65. I love snow, winter, cold
66. I love thread crochet, but only own 1 steel hook
67. I want to be able to make wearbles for myself, not just my children
68. I love looking at others people's blogs
69. I have fallen in love with plastic canvas
70. when i was little, i wanted to be a psychologist
71. I started Nursing school, and was doing well, but stopped after the birth of my 2nd child
72. My 2nd child was named for 2 people, and my 1st and 3rd were named for no one
73. I think it would be cool to name a child after my grandma, because I was named after my mother's
74. I don't think that there is any such thing as "too much" yarn
75. I want to place a large order through Smiley's Yarns on-line, especially homespun as cheap as it is
76. I love fridgies, and want to design more of them
77. I am terrified of Dogs
78. Michael Myers is the scariest character ever invented
79. I can't watch Halloween or Halloween II alone, even during the day, with all the lights on
80. I have read the entire Mayfair Witch series by Anne Rice
81. I love being scared, except in regards to #78 & 79
82. My father didn't attend my high school graduation
83. I was once a Bookeeper for Food Lion
84. I laughed when Mr. Gilbert was hit in the chin with the bowling ball pednulum that day in physics, because he didn't blindly accept the laws of physics
85. I love Carrie Underwood
86. Kenny Chesney makes my heart race
87. Can't fill this one in without revealing myself to my sp
88. Living where I am now, is the first time i've lived somewhere with a yard
89. I want to plant a garden with my girls this year
90. I liked and was a little weirded out by "The Confederate States of America" and can't help but wonder.... if the North had lost, they would have fought again right?
91. Best History book I've ever read was "The People's History of the United States" it's history from the perspective of it's losers
92. I cherish the 1 A I was given by Mrs. Jansen... believe me it was a big deal
93. That waterfall in the smokeys in North Carolina will stay with me for the rest of my life
94. "As The Deer" is still my favorite song, ty Jason for teaching it to me
95. Every now and then I still play my old N'Sync Cds
96. I still know the lyrics to the opening theme to "the Fresh Prince of Bel-air" and "blossom"
97. I check that my doors are locked at least 4 times before I can fall asleep
98. My husband is my best friend, and makes me feel very safe and loved
99. This is the year I graduated from High School
100. Mackenzie, Dawn and Jadyn are my greatest joys. Amber, Gavin, and Alicia are the best neices and nephew anyone could ask for.

Secret Pals

Well it has begun! I have my assignment, and I am just sooooo excited!!! This is special to me this year, since it's the only round I'll be able to particiapte in, plus it will probably be the only round I do until I'm done with school, so I really want it to be just wonderful!!!

Well, I'm off to make a list of items for the big reveal package, and some smaller packages along the way!

Oh, this is going to be just great!

On the right side of this page, I've added an rss feed to the secret pals blog, so if you are interested it's over there, with I think the 5 most recent posts there listed!

Monday, February 12

Cake Orders

I'm so excited!!! I have been going through the numbers for how much it will cost to get my degree. And how much I'm anticipating in grants, and the limits on subsidized loans and what have you. And we don't have the best credit, so I don't think I will be able to go through Sallie Mae or what have you to get loans for the difference in what I'm pretty sure I can get. Anyway, I need to find a way to come up with the difference, there are some things I can crochet, I'm getting into making jewelry and things, and I figure it will be at least 4 months before I need to come up with my first payment, which after talking to my school, the payments will be like $150/month that I need to have while in school. So I have some time. And with our taxes I am setting aside some money for our first few payments, so I have more like 6 or 7 months to steadily come up with this money each month. Which isn't a whole lot of time, since building up that income will take probably that long, so I need to start now.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Here is the exciting part. My friend Holly has ordered 3 crocheted cakes! So there is $30 toward it already!! Plus, I'm making her and my friend Darlene each a piece of jewelry to see how they like it, and they will help get the word out as well. And I'm also going to be making crochet hooks following some great instructions from Jimbo.... I know I'm not Jimbo, and frankly I might not be able to do it, but if I can than woot!! All of this has me really pumped that I CAN do this!! And make it work! And really all I need to do is be able to make these payments until we do our taxes again next year, then next year I can use the tax money to make up the difference. Why not do that this year? Well, we currently don't have furniture in the living room, my husband needs to get work done on his teeth, and we need to buy our daughters school books for next school year. Next year, we will only need to buy the school books, so there will be money free to go toward my tuition.

Yeah, so this wasn't entirely crochet related, but wasn't not related either! I'll post pictures of the completed cakes soon as they are completed, and I have a working digital camera!


Saturday, February 10

Secret Pals is Upon us!!

I'm so excited!!! I loved doing the secret pal swap last time, and I'm really looking forward to doing it now!! This will be the only round that I participate in this year, as I'm starting school the day after it officially ends. I have so many ideas in my head as to how to spoil my pal, I can't wait to find out what she likes, and what kind of things she would love to have made forher. Oh, this is going to be soooo much fun!!!

However for today the hooks are kinda being set aside until later. I need to clean a bit downstairs today so that the house is ready for company and the birthday party tomorrow. With any luck it won't take too long. And a couple things need to wait until tomorrow or else they just end up getting done twice.

I can't wait to get either a new digital camera or figuring out what is wrong with mine so I can get the thing to upload pictures to the computer. Hopefully it won't be too long. I've seen some on-line that I like, even a 5mp one for only $95, so maybe later this month I'll be able to do that, we'll see.

Thursday, February 8

no camera!

I have all these pictures of my progress to upload, and I can't upload them! The USB cable for the camera is broken or something. ANd when I plug it in the computer doesn't recognize it. I thought it was the computer, but then the kids cameras were plugged in, and they were recognized, so it must be my camera or the cord. And the camera works, maybe it's the port? Oh, well. It's the one connected to my video camera, and I'm buying a digital camera soon, so I'll just have to wait. Maybe I can buy a replacement at circuit city or something? We'll see.

Really can't wait to get that camera though.

OH, and I was tagged the other day. And Thanks Shell for making me share 6 weird things about me. Also I am supposed to tag 6 people. Hmm...

6 Weird things about me.....

1. Not that this is weird, but it isn't the norm, I Homeschool my children.
2. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Swiss Cake Rolls from Little Debbie, of all the snacks I have tried, these are by far my favorite!!
3. One of my best memories is marching in ALLTELL Stadium in Jacksonville, FL during the half time show during my Senior year at Terry Parker... GO BRAVES!!
4. I am married to the first, not only though lol, boy I ever kissed
5. I was really excited about seeing Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.... I mean c'mon, like you don't want to know if it would have worked out if the magic wasn't on Cinderella's side?? You know you do! You know you want to see it too! I saw it, and I LOVE IT!!!!
6. I buy stationary compulsively! I think it's because my birthday is in September, and we always started school then, and we would get brand new bookbags, pencils, pens, paper, and oh the highlighters. Now I have this thing about buying notebooks... drives my husband crazy!

Ok who am I tagging.....

will think of more later

Rules are if you are tagged you have to post 6 weird things about yourself on your blog and tag 6 more people telling them to come to your blog and read the rules, and what have you..... vicious cycle i guess. And I don't read a lot of blogs, lol. But i'll try to find a few more.

Wednesday, February 7

Small Update

I have been very bust crochetwise this week. Hammering away at my goal list, so that's why I haven't posted in hte last few days. So far I have joined 4 rows on Ambers ghan this week, and I did finish my 10th bereavement blanket as well. I need to get cracking to do the other things on the list, but I was side tracked with the project from the Women's Ministry at church, Cross in a Pocket, and these small fly swatters that say "For the Little Things That Bug You". I'll get some pics up tonight. Well, back to crocheting.


Saturday, February 3

Plans for the coming week

Well, let's see, since I've already begun receiving suares for Sandra's blanket, and I'm working on the ones I'm doing for the ghan, then this week I NEED to finish up some other projects, since I'm thinking assembling the ghan is going to take a bit of time, and will need to be priority once the squares are all here.

So, my very lofty crochet goals for this week are:
  • finish my 10th bereavement blanket
  • complete 6 rnds on my mom's doily
  • assemble no less than 10 rows of Ambers ghan, making a total of 13 rows joined
  • complete 5 or more rows on the 9-patch ghan, so I can get a new picture for photo friday
  • 3-5 snowflakes
  • 2 bookmarks (these also need to be hidden from people, b/c I can never seem to hang onto them, lol)
  • Finish 5 more rnds on tiffan'y round ripple, this thing needs to get off my wip list, and into my completed list

I would really LOVE myself if I could pull all of the above off. And I think the stripey blanket is coming off my wip list, and it's going to get frogged, and made into someothing new, I'm not sure though, since I hate the frogging process, but who knows if I'm ever going to have enough yarn to complete the thing, my stash is just simply not that big. But we shall see. Although, if I made only squares with it, it would be interesting to see how many squares the yarn would make.... hmmm things to think about.

This week I also have to keep the house clean, and this time like in-laws coming over clean, because everyone is coming for the girls birthday party on Sunday. I'm supposed to be getting my new vacuum sometime between Wednesday and Monday, and I really hope it's Wednesday. With ours broken, this house SERIOUSLY needs to be vaccummed. The girls are tired of getting on their hands and knees and picking up everything on the floor, and I mean, every crumb, if it can be seen they have needed to pick it up. Although I'm sure it's building character, it is insanely tedious, I NEED a vaccuum. We order the Hoover Cyclonic Fusion.

Guess I should get off here and get to work, there's plenty to do. Have a great week everyone!

Squares Have Begun Arriving

The family went to church this morning, and had a wonderful day out! It felt so nice to be in church again. As we were getting out of the van and walking up the steps I noticed a bright yellow envelope in the mailbox... what could it be? Hahaha, hubby thought it was for him, but it wasn't, it was a package of yellow and red squares from c-ville's Salos. All for the comfortghan for Sandy.... how quickly she got them to me! How WONDERFUL!!! Thank-you Mary. 16 squares in all, how thoughtful and kind, I really appreciate it!! These are perfect, and I love the different designs in them!

Friday, February 2

Conversation between cousins

My 4 year old, Dawn, and my 3 year old nephew, Gavin were on the phone tonight, and here is a transcript of their conversation. As provided by my sil, Danielle, and I on yahoo messenger as the youngsters are talking. So sit back and have a good chuckle

Ada Tomasko: your son is little liek a baby
Ada Tomasko: where is gavin
Ada Tomasko: (im translating, lol)
danielle_moy Moy: lol thanks
Ada Tomasko: is he in his porta crib
Ada Tomasko: he sleeps in a bed
Ada Tomasko: yes please
Ada Tomasko: hey gavin
Ada Tomasko: hey gavin, like she is talking to a baby, lol
Ada Tomasko: how are you gavin?
Ada Tomasko: hi gavin again
danielle_moy Moy: lol her and gavin are talking
Ada Tomasko: im 4
Ada Tomasko: are u 3?
danielle_moy Moy: gavin said hi what?
danielle_moy Moy: oh
danielle_moy Moy: i'm at home
danielle_moy Moy: no we eat already
danielle_moy Moy: we at home
Ada Tomasko: im at home too
danielle_moy Moy: we go doctor yesterday
Ada Tomasko: i have a new bedroom
Ada Tomasko: i'm a big sister now
danielle_moy Moy: no i'm watching cinderella movie
danielle_moy Moy: what?
danielle_moy Moy: oh
danielle_moy Moy: and what u doin?
Ada Tomasko: i love you gavin
danielle_moy Moy: what?
danielle_moy Moy: dawny love me mommy
danielle_moy Moy: i love u too
Ada Tomasko: im watching narnia, b/c its called aslan
danielle_moy Moy: cough cough
Ada Tomasko: do you want to come over tomorrow
danielle_moy Moy: yean
danielle_moy Moy:
Ada Tomasko: do u want to talk to my mommy
danielle_moy Moy: yea i watchin cinderella
danielle_moy Moy: cough cough
Ada Tomasko: alright
Ada Tomasko: you're watvhing cinderlla?
danielle_moy Moy: hang on
Ada Tomasko: we dont have cinderella
danielle_moy Moy: he may have hung up
Ada Tomasko: me and my mommy and my dad and my sisters, she's still talking
Ada Tomasko: hi aunt danielle
Ada Tomasko: i dont want him to cough at my house
Ada Tomasko: or else my mom will laugh and i will cry with daddy
Ada Tomasko: do u want to talk to my mom now?
Ada Tomasko: thank-you

Ok so Danielle and I are laughing about this on the phone now, they are both sooooo cute, and didn't quite get that the conversation should relate to what the other person is saying. Kids are just too cute!!

Premie Hats for BityBabyNurse

Well, I have completed 10 premie hats for bitybabynurse. They work up really fast, but it's sad to work on. I try to put warm strong thoughts into the yarn as I work on each one, and think of the little person who will be wearing the hat. I pray for the babies that they grow strong and have the ability to go home with their parents, and one day look at the little hat amazed that they were ever that small. I pray for the mothers and fathers who have to visit their little loves in the NICU, that they will have strength and love to get through what must be a rough time. I can't relate, my smallest child was 8lb 8ozs at birth, so it's difficult to picture these tiny hats fitting a baby. But here they are, may they keep the heads of some very special babies toasty warm!
The rest of my evening will be spent working on bereavement blankets for the bltz charity of the month. If a small break is needed I also have squares to make for Sandra's comfort ghan. I've ound some great square patterns inthe 63 squares books. So there is plenty of variation on those. The Sabbath is always dedicated Charity crochet time, it's a nice way to end what is usally a very hectic week.
Off to prepare dinner, and finish getting food for potluck together. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 1


Well, I am assembling a comfortghan for a friend of Holly's who is going through a rough medical time. And last night while at Bible Study I spoke with the group (a wonderful group of 5 members of our church) about assembling comfortghans for the shut-ins and sick of our church. I'm really excited about getting the list from Pastor Troy next week. I'm not entirely sure how many are going to be on the list, but I do know that the Lord will provide the yarn needed to make the squares for these comforghans. I want to use my gift and joy of crochet to serve Him. I feel Him calling my to do so, it's why I joined the Charity Blitz over on the ville, so that every month I would have a renewed focus on a worthy project. And participating has been amazing!! But I really want to make a difference in my community. I have to start somewhere right?

Well, I posted over on Crochetville about the ghan I'm making in Jeff Gordon's Dupont Car colors (Navy Blue, Red and Yellow) for Sandra, and asked if the wonderful ladies (and gents) there would be willing to help me make the squares, and send them to me so I could assemble them. And the response since just yesterday has been really overwhelming! I feel so blessed to know such a great group of people. Since yesterday at about 4:30 EST I have received pm's for pledges of 24 squares!! I only need 48 to complete the lapghan, and I'll be making quite a few of them myself. And the wonderful ladies over there have pledged half the squares I need!!!! How incredible is that?? They are amazing! Crochetville really does have the best group of people around!! How wonderful and loving they all are!! Thanks to everyone who is helping with Sandras comfortghan!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! I sure am!


Easy Child Apron

Finally the pattern is ready to post! I would like to thank, Wanda, Jenn, Jherica, and Daisy for testing this pattern for me. This is my own design. DO NOT SELL THIS PATTERN, that would be grimy, seeing as it's free right here! Also, the pattern is mine, it isn't up to you to sell it. Now, the aprons you make with this pattern, they belong to you, sell them, give them away, what ever you want, you made it, you worked hard on, it's yours.
If you find any errors please let me know. This pattern made an apron that fits my 4 year old, who is just about a size 4.
Gauge: with 4 ply cotton and an I hook 6 rows and 9 dc=3”
Materials Needed: H, I and J crochet hooks, a tapestry needle, and 6.5oz. 4plyweight worsted cotton (Such as Lily Sugar and Cream) in your color choice.
For purposes of this, the wrong side is whichever side you weave your ends on.

Starting at the top

Row 1: With a ”J” Ch 30 (switch to I hook), Dc in 4th ch from hook, and each ch across, 3 skipped chs count as 1st dc (28 dc) ch 3 turn
Row 2-9: Dc in each SPACE between stitches across. Ch 3 turn. At end of row 9 do not ch 3, finish off and weave in ends.

Beginning the body:
Foundation ch: with “J” hook ch 9. (now with “I” hook join with sc to first space of the top piece you just finished. With Wrong side facing ) Sc in ea space along bottom of the first piece then with “J” hook ch 12 at the other side. Turn.
Row 1:With “I” hook Dc in 4th ch from hook and in next 8 chs, dc in next 27 sc, dc in nxt 8 chs. Ch 3 turn.
Row 2-22: Dc in each space between the sts of the previous row, ch 3. turn. Do not finish off at end of row 22 ch 1 and turn and you will go right into the edging.


At end of row 22, ch 1 turn, work a sc in each space along bottom. Ch 1 at end of row and working along the side of apron work 2 sc around ea dc, and ch 3 up the side. Work 4 sc in the corner. Then 1 sc in each space across to where the top and bottom parts connect. Work 3 sc in the “joint”, then 2 sc in the side of ea dc and ch 3 to top. Then Sl St in each space along the top and sl st around the side of last dc of row now work 2 dc around the side of same dc as last sl st, and around ea dc and ch 3 sp, work 3 sc in joint , and then 1 sc in each space back out to side. Work 4 sc in corner. Then 2 sc around ea dc and ch 3 to bottom. Sl st to 1st ch1.
Row 2: sc in 1st sc, *ch3, sc in nxt sc* across bottom edge. Finish off and weave in ends.

Waist Tie
With “I” hook Ch 121. sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across (120sc). Finish off weave in ends.
With right side facing Weave in 1st row of dc on the body. Going over 3sts and under 1 st across. So on the right side of the apron you will see 12 dc (including the ends)

Row 1: With “I” hook ch 18. With “H” hook hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each across (16 hdc) ch 2 turn
Row 2-8: Hdc in 1st hdc and ea across, ch 2 turn.
Row 9: Hdc in 1st hdc and ea across, ch 1 work 1 sc around end of each row, 3 sc in corner, 1 sc in remaining loop of foundation row, 3 sc in corner, and 1 sc around end of each row, 3 sc in last corner. Sl st to first sc FO leaving a LONG End for sewing (like 18”)
Pin the pocket to the apron, you can use the dc in the 1st row (where you weaved in the tie) as a guide. This pocket is just the size to evenly line up with the 4 center dc that you went under J I positioned mine so the top of my pocket lined up with the BOTTOM of the 5th row of dc. And I used the sc around the edges to evenly space my sewing.

Neck Strap:

Row 1: With wrong side facing join with sl st to 1st sc. Ch1 sc in same st, and in next 2,(3 sc) ch 1 turn.
Row 2-48: Sc in each sc (3 sc) ch 1 turn
Row 49: Sc in ea st across (3sc) now making sure not to twist the strap, (wrong side should be facing) sl st to 3rd st on opposite side of apron, then in 2nd, and 1st.
Do not finish off. Ch 1, work 2 sc in joint, and sc evenly along the outside of the strap, working 2 sc in the joint on other side as well. FO and weave in ends.

Enjoy your apron!
I love pics, if you make this and feel so inclined, send me a picture of your finished product!