Thursday, February 8

no camera!

I have all these pictures of my progress to upload, and I can't upload them! The USB cable for the camera is broken or something. ANd when I plug it in the computer doesn't recognize it. I thought it was the computer, but then the kids cameras were plugged in, and they were recognized, so it must be my camera or the cord. And the camera works, maybe it's the port? Oh, well. It's the one connected to my video camera, and I'm buying a digital camera soon, so I'll just have to wait. Maybe I can buy a replacement at circuit city or something? We'll see.

Really can't wait to get that camera though.

OH, and I was tagged the other day. And Thanks Shell for making me share 6 weird things about me. Also I am supposed to tag 6 people. Hmm...

6 Weird things about me.....

1. Not that this is weird, but it isn't the norm, I Homeschool my children.
2. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Swiss Cake Rolls from Little Debbie, of all the snacks I have tried, these are by far my favorite!!
3. One of my best memories is marching in ALLTELL Stadium in Jacksonville, FL during the half time show during my Senior year at Terry Parker... GO BRAVES!!
4. I am married to the first, not only though lol, boy I ever kissed
5. I was really excited about seeing Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.... I mean c'mon, like you don't want to know if it would have worked out if the magic wasn't on Cinderella's side?? You know you do! You know you want to see it too! I saw it, and I LOVE IT!!!!
6. I buy stationary compulsively! I think it's because my birthday is in September, and we always started school then, and we would get brand new bookbags, pencils, pens, paper, and oh the highlighters. Now I have this thing about buying notebooks... drives my husband crazy!

Ok who am I tagging.....

will think of more later

Rules are if you are tagged you have to post 6 weird things about yourself on your blog and tag 6 more people telling them to come to your blog and read the rules, and what have you..... vicious cycle i guess. And I don't read a lot of blogs, lol. But i'll try to find a few more.

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