Thursday, February 1


Well, I am assembling a comfortghan for a friend of Holly's who is going through a rough medical time. And last night while at Bible Study I spoke with the group (a wonderful group of 5 members of our church) about assembling comfortghans for the shut-ins and sick of our church. I'm really excited about getting the list from Pastor Troy next week. I'm not entirely sure how many are going to be on the list, but I do know that the Lord will provide the yarn needed to make the squares for these comforghans. I want to use my gift and joy of crochet to serve Him. I feel Him calling my to do so, it's why I joined the Charity Blitz over on the ville, so that every month I would have a renewed focus on a worthy project. And participating has been amazing!! But I really want to make a difference in my community. I have to start somewhere right?

Well, I posted over on Crochetville about the ghan I'm making in Jeff Gordon's Dupont Car colors (Navy Blue, Red and Yellow) for Sandra, and asked if the wonderful ladies (and gents) there would be willing to help me make the squares, and send them to me so I could assemble them. And the response since just yesterday has been really overwhelming! I feel so blessed to know such a great group of people. Since yesterday at about 4:30 EST I have received pm's for pledges of 24 squares!! I only need 48 to complete the lapghan, and I'll be making quite a few of them myself. And the wonderful ladies over there have pledged half the squares I need!!!! How incredible is that?? They are amazing! Crochetville really does have the best group of people around!! How wonderful and loving they all are!! Thanks to everyone who is helping with Sandras comfortghan!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! I sure am!


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