Wednesday, February 21

Plastic Canvas

Well, I have busy with plastic canvas a bit lately. Our Women's Ministry at church has been assembling "Cross in a Pocket" to give to people in nursing homes and as we encounter various people during the week. Mackenzie has enjoyed making these as well, she even came with me to the meeting last night!

Today I started a small basket in plastic canvas, that will eventually be in the reveal package to my secret pal. I'm finding it to be a lot of fun! And I'm on a hunt now for patterns and books on this topic, as I am new to this craft.

I assembled another row of Ambers yo-yo ghan today, yay!!!

I was bad bad bad today, I went to AC Moore and picked up 4 lbs of caron yarn. 2 lbs of simply soft, and 2 lbs of standard, but get this, it was Mill Ends..... so it was $2.99/lb!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The simply soft are in a light lavendar and a deep jewel tone purple, and the standard is in blue and gray. I've never owned gray yarn, but I already have plans for the purples. Set against black it will look real sharp, and I think that's how I'm doing Dawn's 5th birthday afghan. I'm thinking 12" granny squares. I can see it in my minds eye, and can't wait to start it, lol. But I really need to finish other things.

I have made the sheep for my MIL's birthday gift, I need to finish the cake for Holly tomorrow, and I ran out of white for tiffy's blanket, so I need a skein of that before I can continue. And I've edged and joined 2 rows of the 8 for sandra's ghan. It looks really nice, I'm very pleased so far!!

Can't wait until I get my new Digital camera on Friday!!!! This place is going to be exploded with pictures!!!

Oh, I've also finished all the paperwork needed for my financial aid, and I have that squared away, now it's just a waiting game to see how much is coming, and what I need to make up on my own. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will all work out.


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