Friday, February 23

Comfortghan for Sandra

Here are some much needed pics, this blog is too novel like, and well, I enjoy picture books. So here are pictures of the squares sent to me by various villers for a comfortghan for Sandra (the red, yellow and blue squares), as well os beautiful squares sent to me by Pineknott for the comfortghans I am working on for shut-ins and ill through my Pastor. And an update shot of the round ripple for tiffany, and the 9-patch for grandpa pease. I still need to get pics of the great red blanket, the sheep for mom T. and a couple of other things. But this should suffice for now.

Thanks for looking!


Dani said...

Ada your pics are so small I can barely see them :( And When i click on them it doesn't make them bigger.... now i'm gonna go pout lol

Ada said...

i'll stick to the medium sized shows from now on... but when I click on the box the first time it doesn't do anything but activate it or whatever, then when I click a pic in the show after that it opens it up full size in a new tab. don't pout too long!