Friday, February 2

Conversation between cousins

My 4 year old, Dawn, and my 3 year old nephew, Gavin were on the phone tonight, and here is a transcript of their conversation. As provided by my sil, Danielle, and I on yahoo messenger as the youngsters are talking. So sit back and have a good chuckle

Ada Tomasko: your son is little liek a baby
Ada Tomasko: where is gavin
Ada Tomasko: (im translating, lol)
danielle_moy Moy: lol thanks
Ada Tomasko: is he in his porta crib
Ada Tomasko: he sleeps in a bed
Ada Tomasko: yes please
Ada Tomasko: hey gavin
Ada Tomasko: hey gavin, like she is talking to a baby, lol
Ada Tomasko: how are you gavin?
Ada Tomasko: hi gavin again
danielle_moy Moy: lol her and gavin are talking
Ada Tomasko: im 4
Ada Tomasko: are u 3?
danielle_moy Moy: gavin said hi what?
danielle_moy Moy: oh
danielle_moy Moy: i'm at home
danielle_moy Moy: no we eat already
danielle_moy Moy: we at home
Ada Tomasko: im at home too
danielle_moy Moy: we go doctor yesterday
Ada Tomasko: i have a new bedroom
Ada Tomasko: i'm a big sister now
danielle_moy Moy: no i'm watching cinderella movie
danielle_moy Moy: what?
danielle_moy Moy: oh
danielle_moy Moy: and what u doin?
Ada Tomasko: i love you gavin
danielle_moy Moy: what?
danielle_moy Moy: dawny love me mommy
danielle_moy Moy: i love u too
Ada Tomasko: im watching narnia, b/c its called aslan
danielle_moy Moy: cough cough
Ada Tomasko: do you want to come over tomorrow
danielle_moy Moy: yean
danielle_moy Moy:
Ada Tomasko: do u want to talk to my mommy
danielle_moy Moy: yea i watchin cinderella
danielle_moy Moy: cough cough
Ada Tomasko: alright
Ada Tomasko: you're watvhing cinderlla?
danielle_moy Moy: hang on
Ada Tomasko: we dont have cinderella
danielle_moy Moy: he may have hung up
Ada Tomasko: me and my mommy and my dad and my sisters, she's still talking
Ada Tomasko: hi aunt danielle
Ada Tomasko: i dont want him to cough at my house
Ada Tomasko: or else my mom will laugh and i will cry with daddy
Ada Tomasko: do u want to talk to my mom now?
Ada Tomasko: thank-you

Ok so Danielle and I are laughing about this on the phone now, they are both sooooo cute, and didn't quite get that the conversation should relate to what the other person is saying. Kids are just too cute!!

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