Monday, February 12

Cake Orders

I'm so excited!!! I have been going through the numbers for how much it will cost to get my degree. And how much I'm anticipating in grants, and the limits on subsidized loans and what have you. And we don't have the best credit, so I don't think I will be able to go through Sallie Mae or what have you to get loans for the difference in what I'm pretty sure I can get. Anyway, I need to find a way to come up with the difference, there are some things I can crochet, I'm getting into making jewelry and things, and I figure it will be at least 4 months before I need to come up with my first payment, which after talking to my school, the payments will be like $150/month that I need to have while in school. So I have some time. And with our taxes I am setting aside some money for our first few payments, so I have more like 6 or 7 months to steadily come up with this money each month. Which isn't a whole lot of time, since building up that income will take probably that long, so I need to start now.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Here is the exciting part. My friend Holly has ordered 3 crocheted cakes! So there is $30 toward it already!! Plus, I'm making her and my friend Darlene each a piece of jewelry to see how they like it, and they will help get the word out as well. And I'm also going to be making crochet hooks following some great instructions from Jimbo.... I know I'm not Jimbo, and frankly I might not be able to do it, but if I can than woot!! All of this has me really pumped that I CAN do this!! And make it work! And really all I need to do is be able to make these payments until we do our taxes again next year, then next year I can use the tax money to make up the difference. Why not do that this year? Well, we currently don't have furniture in the living room, my husband needs to get work done on his teeth, and we need to buy our daughters school books for next school year. Next year, we will only need to buy the school books, so there will be money free to go toward my tuition.

Yeah, so this wasn't entirely crochet related, but wasn't not related either! I'll post pictures of the completed cakes soon as they are completed, and I have a working digital camera!


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