Saturday, February 3

Plans for the coming week

Well, let's see, since I've already begun receiving suares for Sandra's blanket, and I'm working on the ones I'm doing for the ghan, then this week I NEED to finish up some other projects, since I'm thinking assembling the ghan is going to take a bit of time, and will need to be priority once the squares are all here.

So, my very lofty crochet goals for this week are:
  • finish my 10th bereavement blanket
  • complete 6 rnds on my mom's doily
  • assemble no less than 10 rows of Ambers ghan, making a total of 13 rows joined
  • complete 5 or more rows on the 9-patch ghan, so I can get a new picture for photo friday
  • 3-5 snowflakes
  • 2 bookmarks (these also need to be hidden from people, b/c I can never seem to hang onto them, lol)
  • Finish 5 more rnds on tiffan'y round ripple, this thing needs to get off my wip list, and into my completed list

I would really LOVE myself if I could pull all of the above off. And I think the stripey blanket is coming off my wip list, and it's going to get frogged, and made into someothing new, I'm not sure though, since I hate the frogging process, but who knows if I'm ever going to have enough yarn to complete the thing, my stash is just simply not that big. But we shall see. Although, if I made only squares with it, it would be interesting to see how many squares the yarn would make.... hmmm things to think about.

This week I also have to keep the house clean, and this time like in-laws coming over clean, because everyone is coming for the girls birthday party on Sunday. I'm supposed to be getting my new vacuum sometime between Wednesday and Monday, and I really hope it's Wednesday. With ours broken, this house SERIOUSLY needs to be vaccummed. The girls are tired of getting on their hands and knees and picking up everything on the floor, and I mean, every crumb, if it can be seen they have needed to pick it up. Although I'm sure it's building character, it is insanely tedious, I NEED a vaccuum. We order the Hoover Cyclonic Fusion.

Guess I should get off here and get to work, there's plenty to do. Have a great week everyone!


Shell said...

Hello Ada

My my you sound busy! The squares look great too. Well my friend, I TAG you. Nope, I don't really know what that means I am just playng along cos I got tagged :D Come check out my blog for details (shell's shambles). Take care now, don't over work yourself!


Ada said...

Ok, so I'm it? Hmmm.... gotta see now who can I get?