Sunday, February 18

Reflections on the week past, and looking to the Week ahead

This last week was crazy. With the snow and all we were happily snowed in. And then when the mail was able to be delivered I had 2 great mail days in a row. On the first great mail day I received 12 skeins of Lion Brand Fancy Fur from my Aunt MAry, I've already made 1 hat/scarf set, and started a 2nd. There is even enough for a 3rd. I also received 20 6" squares from Linda for the comfortghans I am making for members of my community. What a great heart she has!! Also a beautiful letter from my grandmother.

On the 2nd great mail day I received 12 skeins of yarn from my mom. 10 of them are Red Heart "holly" it;s kinda like red homespun. And 2 in red heart soft guacamole. I have started a lapghan with the red heart holly. I'm not sure how big it will be, but I'm going to edge it in black and white. It will be my old high school colors! I'm not sure if it's going to be donated or kept for our house. The yarn doesn't work up very attractively. It's incredibly soft, and really warm, but not so pretty, so maybe it will be a throw we have around here. I'll see what the finish product looks like, if it's not terrible, then it will be a comfortghan for someone. Also on this day I received 2 packages of squares for Sandras comfortghan, and also a package of squares for the ghans for the ghans I'm making for the list from Pastor Troy. SO I'm really excited.

Well, there are things to be done this week. Although not too terribly much. I am trying to crochet as much as possible before I start school in April, so that is adding to my perceived work load. So here are my goals for the coming week:

-Complete the sheep for my mil's birthday present. I want to make her a shadow box with a couple of small crocheted sheep and individual pictures of my daughters. I think it will look real sharp. I also want Mackenzie to write grandma in cursive, and Jadyn has made a small picture, and dawn wants to cut out shapes. Gives each of them something to add to it.

-Crochet a birthday cake for Holly's mom. This is one of the cake orders listed below.

-Begin work on a doily for my known pal. Haven't decided on the colors yet, but I'm leaning toward red and white. One, that's what I have on hand, and 2 I think she'll like it. But thread shopping has never bothered me before, lol.

-Connect 5 more rows or so of Ambers ghan. Her birthday is gonna sneak right up on me if I let it. So really I need to make a little progess on this.

-Complete Tiffany's rnd ripple. I would love to get her items mailed to her next week. And I am so close to finishing now, that I really just want it off my wip list. I think she'll really like it, and I want to get her items out to her.

- Continue working on the 9-patch for grandpa pease. Complete at least 1 more 9-patch, if not 2.

-Put the edging on the squares received for Sandras ghan

I'll go from here. But there isn't a lack of things to do. I need to make bookmarks, and snowflakes. I had the nerve to start another blanket. It's been crazy. I now have 5 blankets in various stages of production. Also there are stuffies I want to make, there are other projects for my secret pal I want to get started, and I want to finish this Bico I started a few weeks ago.... there is no reason why it shouldn't be done. So hopefully this will be a madjor productivity week for me. Hey, if I stay off the internet I should get a lot done!



Dani said...

Don't forget you need to make Gavin a Care Bear lol He keeps telling me "Mommy, Aunt Ada make me a teddy bear" Let me know when u need motivation for a project I can have him call you and remind u u need to work on this or that project lol

Ada said...

As soon as I finish Mom's birthday present and the cake for Holly I will start on his beloved Care Bear. I'll be going shopping for the supplies next weekend while we are out buying our furniture!! Yea!! So he can start calling me next week. ;)

Dani said...

lol ... he even got after me about making a scarf for aunt Maryann he would remind me I needed to do it. I'm sure he would be willing to remind you that u need to work on a present for Papa Sherry