Monday, May 5

Thinking about the week

Well, I'm in the Having Fun Getting It Done CAL over on Crochetville, and it's been really good for me, as far as working on projects and making real progress on them goes. I posted this same list over there, but want it where I can find it easily later on, here's the projects I want to work on this week:

Finish the Pink Comfortghan
Finish 8 Round Squares on Babette
Have 10 Squares ready to mail to OA by Friday
Start 8 Pocket Tote (if not started this week I'm removing from list for this quarter)
Start Tote for my Kit and Kaboodle Partner

The above are in no particular order, just that's where I want to focus this week, so we'll see how many new projects tempt and side track me over the course of the week, lol.

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