Monday, May 19

Baby Blanket and some squares

Well, I found some great square patterns over on CPC and had to adjust some of them to make them 6" with an H hook... many of them called for smaller hooks. Anyway, I wanted to use my new Jimbo hook for the squares, because it's so new and so perfect, and so comfortable to work with that I didn't want to put it down, anyway, here are the 30 squares that I made for the May Charity Blitz

Then when i was done with those, all made during the May Charity Square Along weekend, I sat down last night and made this blanket in 6 hours! Non-stop while watching a movie with the family, and just kept working while Zach watched stuff I didn't care to watch, I need a better photo, my good camera has no batteries at the moment, so for now this is what I have, the color ways in this yarn (Homespun Honolulu) are amazing, it's almost self striping and I used the pattern for Diagonal Hues again, and this one was made with my handy dandy Chophook, be sure to get with Jimbo and get your own Chophook, it's a GREAT hook! This blanket is 32x32", and will be going to Donnalynn in Florida, I'm going to finish more before I send it on, but that's who it's for!

Thanks for looking!

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