Thursday, May 15

Projects I can't show and May charity Square A Long

Well, I have finished my project for my Kit and Kaboodle swap partner, it's all boxed up and ready to mail, now just have to get to the post office...

Found out my Scarf Swap Partner is Lavonne, and I'm working on a scarf for her now that I know who she is, and she'll be getting the 2 scarves I've already done and this one, hopefully will be ready to mail by end of next week...

oh, I made a Dot's Little Ditty Bag for my Axe, so here's my Axe Ataxia purse:

I whipped up a few squares for FARA yesterday, I'm tossing them in the collection, and I'll send them all out once I've had my hands on the hook

Tomorrow starts the Charity-Square-Along Weekend for May, since my churches women's ministry is the focus of the Charity Blitz this month I'm devoting my squares to that this month. I would like to complete 30 6" between tomorrow and Monday. Working with a few different colors this time, have some browns set aside, pinks, purple, a harvest colored verigate, black and soft white as well. So, I shouldn't get bored doing the same square over and over.

This week I have to work on projects I can show pictures of, lol.

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