Saturday, August 23


Man, I'm so super excited!!! Here is my finished Double Wedding Ring Lapghan to be auctioned off for Friedrich's Ataxia Awareness, this will be sent off to Jimbo for the Auction to be held in October.

I worked with a great team of ladies that were all working for a common goal, all items made by the team were going toward the auction, and they all did a BANG UP JOB!!! Check out this Thread on Crochetville and see what all was accomplished. I'm am so proud to have worked with this group!

Now i'm fired up to put real effort into the remaining items on my list for this quarter. I'm sooooo far behind, But I'm confident that I can really finish MOST of the items for the Having Fun and Getting It Done, CAL for this quarter. My next projects are Dawn's blanket, and Grandpa Pease's blanket. Also getting some 8" squares for the August Charity for the blitz, the games have really taken all my time, but I should be able to get a few done before the end of the month. Wish me Luck.

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elaines630 said...

That looks amazing! Great work!