Tuesday, November 20

Another pair of Mittens

Well here are the Mittens I made for Dawny colors are Dark Orchid, Light Sage,Raspberry, and Turqua. LOTS AND LOTS of ends to weave in for a small project, but Dawn just loves them soooo that makes it worth it! Need to make a pair for Alicia.

Colors don't quite come out right in the photos. I think all the times that I've been "mittenly challenged" as Darski on the Ville calls it, was so worth it for finally overcoming my mitten-makers block. This has even built my confidence up to where I just may try me a pair of socks!


Lesalicious said...

Cute mittens love the colors great job:)

Dani said...

u should def try socks they are so easy if i can do it u can do it :)

bevq said...

It is so much fun for me to see so many bright mittens made from my pattern! I love it. Makes me want to make another pair and I thought I was pretty much mittened out this year!


Sarah said...

I love these mittens and would love to make a pair for my daughter and myself. The colors would look great in socks too.

Oh I see Bev designed these. I'll have to see if I can find her post with the pattern with them.

Thank you both.