Monday, November 12

Too Many Ideas

Goodness, ever have those times where so many ideas are bouncing around your head that you just don't know what to do with them? I'm looking ahead to 2008, and trying to decide what to do. I started 2007 very strong in my resolve to crochet for charity, and then I started college in March and everything simply went to the wayside. I barely crocheted anything, and I'm so far behind on Christmas gifts that I had to scratch the list all together and 2 people are now intended to get crocheted gifts.


I love to crochet, but somehow it always manages to take the back burner to everything from school, to the kids, to cleaning, to cooking, to sleeping, my days are fuller then I would like them to be. But then maybe I'm just terrible at time management.


I would like for this to change for 2008, and I'm starting now. Limiting myself on the computer and planning meals better so they can be made more efficiently. I just know that I can fit in 1 hour a day crocheting, more on the weekends. I want 2008 to be the year that I methodically work my way through my WIP/WIM list and finish these projects that are bubbling up in my head. And the Christmas that I give everyone what I intended to give them in the first place, and the year my kids write to all their grandparents at least once a month, and the year Mackenzie learns to tie her own shoe laces.


I have all this yarn, and all these great pattern books, and a couple awesome hooks that deserve to be used, I need to get on it.

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