Saturday, November 10

Blog Makeover

Well, it's gotten cold, and my hooks are getting more use these days. School is getting harder and I've decided to take my frustrations out on the yarn. Maybe eliminate my stash next year, and then only buy as I need for a project I am actually starting. Really I should just sell this novelty yarn that's laying around,but I can't seem to bring myself to actually do it. Maybe I'll find a neat use for it. I really do like it as an ambellishment, like the brim of the Mountain Cap I made Jadyn last year, which still fits her and she just loves this year.

Also, the hat/scarf I made mackenzie last year from one of Dot's patterns, I'm going to make a new version this year. Where the scarf comes out of the bottom of the hat and not the top of the head, we'll see how it works when it's done.

I'm doing the November Charity Square A-Long with some other members of Crochetville,I'm wanting to get 25 squares done, I've got 10 about done now. I have to finish my course work still and take 2 mid-terms, so not sure how much more I'll get done.

Kenzie is busy making Cross in My Pockets to send to On-line Angels, and also making Christmas gifts for the people she loves the best. (If you're related to her you made the cut, lol). She's reading more and more and just growing in ways that continue to amaze me.

Well, I just wanted to touch base, havn't used this thing in a while and felt the need to.


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