Monday, November 19

Mittens and Night Shots of Snow

Well, I couldn't sleep very well last night because I felt defeated by mittens.... my new nemesis...or so I thought. Well I finally managed to make 2 matching mittens for Jadyn, now I need to knock some out for Dawn and Mackenzie, because they are going to stage the revolution here soon. So I also joined the Mittens CAL over on crochetville, because I realized if I get comfy with the mittens then I can make them for my side of the family for christmas. But, we'll see if I get comfy with mittens or not. Anyway, here's Jadyn in her mittens:

And I made Doris' coming soon little girl a blanket for the carseat, but I think I need to add to the border like I had originally planned, but here it is as it stands right now:

Also with me not being able to sleep last night, I set my camera to Night Time Flash Mode, and took a few pictures of the snow in the evening. They aren't the most spectacular pictures, I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the tree in the back yard, it really did just look so awesome at around 1 a.m.

This one is the front bushes taken from the door:

Here is the tree in the back:

And I have a few things I want to get done today, talk to my school, make a few 8" squares, make the 2 pairs of mittens, and complete a row (at least) on grandpa pease's blanket.

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